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2013/4/16 15:19:45
Stapling Squirrels Good luck but I think you're nuts personally. Big Grin
2013/4/16 0:16:10
Coming Soon... Thanks, I didn't know they'd fixed it. Bang goes the next two evenings experimenting. Big Grin
2013/4/15 23:28:40
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
or you can just import an entire object and set to emissive and then the entire thing lights up if you are not needing specific parts to glow

Brilliant thanks, striplights here I come. Big Grin
2013/4/15 23:05:20
Coming Soon... That looks fantastic!!!! Do you have to do anything special for emissive to work?
2013/4/15 18:16:31
saving set error Thanks fazz68, I was editing my post when you posted this lol.
2013/4/15 18:10:07
saving set error fazz68 wrote:
Hello muvizu, ive just installed your Patch for muvzu play.

Is there a patch? Nobody told me.

EDIT: Please ignore. Have just loaded MZ and got the upgrade message. As it seems to have problems I will wait. I have not got the save or sound problems on my 32bit PLAY so will stick with it until the major fixes are sorted.
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2013/4/14 22:24:22
blank preview AVI. It needs to be in this format. .avi extension not .mov
2013/4/14 19:53:21
blank preview I like the tools it has, screen grabber, record etc. It is a much more sophisticated tool. I used to use WMP but have converted to VLC now.
2013/4/14 19:45:12
blank preview MrDrWho13 wrote:
Yeah, windows media player is the best free video player I know.

I use VLC myself as it plays the stuff Windows Media Player won't.
2013/4/14 19:22:15
blank preview The reason I suggested that was to eliminate the possibility that there is a problem with Muvizu rendering and to confirm it is probably a codec issue as mentioned by Ziggy.

As I compile my videos in Vegas I always use .tga from Muvizu for final renders as it gives great results.
2013/4/14 17:56:00
Youtube and copyright issues Great posts and very useful information. Thanks.
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2013/4/14 17:45:57
blank preview Before you do check if it outputs in uncompressed .tga format. Got to movie options and select uncompressed then when you choose a filename change the drop down from .avi to .tga.

Do it with a small video, (few seconds). If you get a numbered list of .tga frames you can view them in Quicktime and they if they look ok it will probably be a codec issue. If rendering still fails then it may be an issue with Muvizu on your machine and the staff will have to help.

Hope this helps
2013/4/13 1:12:04
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion No worries, it's not like it's important. Big Grin
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2013/4/12 22:20:45
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Me too. I think the new timeline with your suggestion added would be fine. I quite like it. Add my little control box with bigger buttons to keep Ziggy happy and we're laughing.
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2013/4/12 22:06:47
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion ziggy72 wrote:
...and if we had selectable lines in the Timeline, like you said, you could customize the look to suit what you're animating and show you the lines that matter - yup, that would be cool

I may have misunderstood Ziggy but isn't that what the filter does?
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2013/4/12 22:03:38
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion As would I. Dreeko

I think the simpler the changes are the faster they will arrive.

We could go for an all singing and dancing timeline now but this will incur quite a delay in my opinion whereas apparently there is a solution half done already for the thing that gave us all a heart attack.
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2013/4/12 16:47:01
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion MrDrWho13 wrote:
OK, I'll try!

Off Topic

For Windows you can get a free handy right-click picture resizer that I use every day.

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2013/4/12 16:42:03
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Looks good, with an option to hide timeline when clicking direct and restore on clicking stop you can see how we single screen laptop users would benefit.

Btw Mr Who, that picture is far too big. I cannot "reply with quote" to it because the comment box is full of scrollbars. For future reference make them smaller.
2013/4/12 16:28:35
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion MrDrWho13 wrote:
Great posting WozToons! I completely agree, I'll go and produce a screenshot for you, with your timeline concept. Good Posting

Thanks mate but it's really not necessary, just a minimal media player box would suffice. If you must, chop the group of big buttons out of your last one and stick them on the screen as is.

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2013/4/12 16:10:59
Logging in ziggy72 wrote:
which was handy because I have the site loaded as a Startup item in Windows (yes I do).

Wow!!! Taking obsession to a whole new level eh?

Thanks Marco, I never thought of that.
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