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2013/4/12 16:04:57
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion I'm with Mr Dreeko on this one, to quote from the other thread....

I just can't see any possible reason for someone wanting to see items which they won't be animating on a timeline which is effectively a panel for controlling elements over time!?
If they wish to view all items they have the scene window for that.

Timeline should be for time management and nothing more in my opinion.
If anyone can explain to me the benefit to having timelines devoted to motionless and unchanging items I'd love to hear it. I really would!

This seems to be a solution that solves everyone's problems.

I have been actually been fiddling with PLAY since its release rather than filling up the forum. I have produced a couple of small videos as animated comments for Facebook. Ignoring the above issue the timeline does have some very good new ideas e.g. snapping, seeing more than one character at once. waveform display, etc. etc. I could go on but my point is that it would be unwise to throw the baby out with the bath water.

The buttons may be to small for a 1920x1080 display. Can I suggest an option for a pop out box with just the control buttons, this could be appear at the top/bottom of the screen when you click direct. It would also allow more space for those of us with smaller displays to view the action. If you expand the size of the current timeline dialogue with bigger buttons I will spend even more time moving it around instead of animating. You could even hide the timeline completely whilst the controls are displayed and it could re-appear on pressing >STOP<. This would give the whole screen up for viewing the action.

Please don't, by trying to address everyone's concerns, turn Muvizu into something it is not and was never intended to be. The ease and essence of the program must remain imho but as has been said ad infinitum, filling it up with everything has actually made it harder for the experts let alone the new users and it needs to be fixed as a matter of great urgency. I was using one static character, one static backdrop and one static camera and even I was getting slightly irritated by the number of clicks required to see what I wanted to see.

On a side note, in your haste and efficiency to fix this problem please don't forget the > In Use < focus issue. That is causing me a lot more grief than the new timeline at the moment.

Well, that's my 10 pence worth for today and I will now leave you in peace to continue with the vital tasks at hand. Can I suggest that all future releases be handed to a small group of users who can be trusted to keep schtum, ( me for one ), so that these and other problems can be addressed without causing a panic.

I will now retire to the kitchen for some hard earned doughnuts.

Damn Computer..
2013/4/11 17:26:56
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback I think that may be part of the "loss of focus, not updating menus" problem.
2013/4/11 14:33:38
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Thanks Neil, I am sure that has soothed many a fevered brow.

Neil wrote:
In the meantime, I've added "show all" and "hide all" buttons to the filter dialog so you don't have to untick everything. Longer term we're looking at ways of saving the ticks into the .set file so they'll be remembered when you save and reload it. Hopefully we'll get a new version out to you soon with this in.

Glad to see you have implemented my recommendation so swiftly. Big Grin
2013/4/11 14:08:38
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback The camera window crash can't be replicated on my machine. At least not yet. I have tried.

Many of the issues are to do with "focus" selection. This has been a problem with the betas as well but seems to have got worse. The program should really remember where it was when you last used the menus as is pretty much the norm and expected these days, when I use programs I always select that option.
2013/4/11 2:01:27
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback For a little balance, on the plus side so far...

Camera windows and previews much improved as is focus distance and depth of field.
Change location is no longer linked by default.
Percentage sliders make things a lot easier to remember.
Options and Make Video much improved.
Timeline is much improved even if it needs a little tweaking.
Sound waveform display is something I never considered but can see it becoming indispensable.
Love the new corner backdrop.
A few cool new stock images.
It's Muvizu and it's pay by choice but " free at the point of delivery ".

A thought occurs, if a new video is made using 23b and uploaded will it still be displayed on the website?
2013/4/11 1:53:53
Watermark: new terms of use What He Said

Muvizu is pay by choice not pay to use. Something to be remembered.
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2013/4/10 23:34:13
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback gimmick wrote:
Also, I am not sure to understand the way of use the new costums (I got bugs on the skin of the characters).

After selecting costumes make sure you select the right type of character before you choose. If you add a boy texture to a fat man it will not fit.
2013/4/10 23:26:43
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Well said Dreeko and a timely reminder.

I for one am not disappointed by the good bits and only have an interest in making my most used piece of software even better.

I would never "moan" about Muvizu, it's just the crushing disappointment of hopes shattered that is so hard to bear. Big Grin

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2013/4/10 22:13:30
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:
Now it's just a matter of waiting....

We live in hope.
2013/4/10 22:09:17
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback I have emailed all this stuff to Bugs in the hope that he can sort it out. Big Grin
2013/4/10 21:45:09
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback I too have the problem with 23b sets and character actions.
The timeline filter needs an "uncheck all" radio button.
The ( in use ) focus on the item selector needs fixing as it's not updating properly.

These are simple but disappointing bugs that us testers could have picked up instantly if we'd been given this version to test.
2013/4/10 1:31:15
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback In the interesting video on the homepage there are a couple of interesting things including sketches of horses and a walking M&M. I don't seem to be able to find them in this version.

I think I may have discovered a bug.

If you add custom textures to items of clothing via that item's menu, e.g. skirt texture, the textures do not appear in the ( in use ) tab until you deselect and reselect ( in use ).
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After further use there is definitely a problem with the ( in use ) option and imported textures. You have to click in and out of it to get it to work.
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2013/4/9 17:51:57
Is it ready yet? I will comment after further investigation. I went out to walk the dogs and everything changed.
2013/4/6 0:58:44
Coming Soon... Thanks, I've been working on the desert for quite a while and needed to cool down with a nice view.
2013/4/5 23:55:40
Coming Soon... Thanks, nice to get a bit of feedback.
2013/4/5 21:46:19
Coming Soon... @urbanlamb.... Looks like the not so Wild West.

A first view of Dragonton from quite a long way off.

2013/3/31 19:35:12
Directing advice Thanks mate. I look forward to "The Eye" with great anticipation. 78 cuts in 49 seconds is impressive but a lot of editing.

Been roaming the campus of the University of Cyberspace this weekend, also found this excellent resource for budding scriptwriters if anyone's interested.


Lots of good advice, videos and podcasts.
2013/3/31 2:50:47
Directing advice Found this little gem of advice from a true master.
It's well worth watching for any budding film maker....

WARNING: Contains two short scenes from 'Psycho' by way of illustration.
May not be suitable for small children or those of a nervous disposition.

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2013/3/30 15:54:15
Special Effects Missing or not showing correctly!! http://www.audionautix.com/

There's three to start you off.

It is always best to check the licence or ask permission before beginning production. Many copyrighted works can be obtained with a polite permission request.

With uncertain stuff, once you have chosen the music do a search on YouTube to see if it gets flagged in other videos before you start.

Hope this helps, Happy Easter.
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2013/3/28 14:22:59
Has Drawing been removed from animation BBC Good Posting

Interesting article. There is a place for all types of animation and these "is this dead?" stories are rarely right when art is involved. 25 years ago they were saying actors would soon be redundant as CGI would take over, we're getting closer but still nowhere near. Check out the new "Click" on BBC News 24 as they have a piece on this very topic.

The speed of workflow drives commercial projects as time is money so CGI animation will always be a better choice for them but there will always be a place for hand drawn animation as well. Not mainstream as in the Snow White era but more a niche for those who appreciate its qualities.

Seeing animation used in "non-animated" movies like Skyfall could well mean that it is becoming a more important part of the whole industry and this can only be a good thing.

imho. Thumbs Up
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