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2013/3/26 1:38:59
New Wardrobe HayManMarc wrote:
Yes! And a sombrero, a quiver of arrows for my back, a crossbow, and a construction hard hat, just to name a few others, for what its worth.

There is a hard hat.
2013/3/25 19:40:28
New Wardrobe That's what I thought but if you don't ask you don't get.
2013/3/25 18:17:54
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? Rocky wrote:
I'll check out your work, as I'm sure that would be a great help too.

Not too sure about that.

Happy to help, reading the forums and watching all the tutorials is a good way to start and there's nearly always someone on here who knows the answer.
2013/3/25 18:03:25
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? Rocky, I noticed that you said the sky was distorted so here are the dimensions I use when creating graphics, you can get quite a good night sky if you make your image 4:1 ....

Custom Texture: 2048 x 2048 or 1024 x 1024
Decals: 512 x 512
Skydome: 2048 x 512 ..... 4:1

Backdrops Aspect Ratios:

Widescreen = 16:9 1280 x 720
Superwide = 20:9 1600 x 720
Curved = 2:1 1440 x 720
4:3 1920 x 1440

Hope this helps.
2013/3/25 15:44:13
New Wardrobe Hi all, one for the staff really.....

I was wondering if there was any news on the texture pack advertised on the news page in January?
2013/3/25 15:07:39
help - PUBLISHING VIDEO - please! Neil wrote:

Because you're only using one hand?
2013/3/25 15:06:02
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? I was joking although not very well.

Have a go and see what happens. No cardboard robots though please.
2013/3/24 23:31:23
The sweeney 2075 pt1 Fantastic! Love the attention to detail. As Mysto said the effort really shows. Some great tricks in there as well.

2013/3/24 23:25:27
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? Dreeko wrote:
Hmmnn A space epic....I've not done sci-fi yet!


2013/3/24 23:23:43
help - PUBLISHING VIDEO - please! Why can't I hold anything?
2013/3/23 17:38:59
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? I posted this because for someone of my age who remembers the 8bit days it is astonishing to see how far things are progressing in such a short time. The future of Muvizu bit was a little tongue in cheek and intended to get people talking.

The idea of fine realtime facial animation at the touch of a key is pertinent to the future of all animation products. imho. I was not so much thinking of the imagery as of the mechanics. It fits in with the direct don't animate approach.

As with all art, new colours come to the palette. It is up to the artist to choose which he uses. Big Grin
2013/3/22 16:53:13
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? MrDrWho13 wrote:
WOW, amazing stuff! Perhaps the future of Muvizu!

As long as it comes after holding objects Big Grin
2013/3/22 16:30:59
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? ziggy72 wrote:
Yup, absolutely stunning what they did with that face - and the video card he's talking about (Titan) only costs about £800...!

I thought it would be a few years/decades before we saw stuff this good. In real time as well!
2013/3/22 16:07:57
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? This is astonishing, especially from 08:40 onwards.

2013/3/18 2:31:44
Coming Soon... Looks great, quite GTA ish. Big Grin

The trees are impressive.
2013/3/17 21:22:07
To the community at large mysto wrote:
If the new version of Muvizu offers usable features that the free version doesn't then I may consider paying a fee.

As far as I could gather from the launch last night you will only pay if you want to remove the watermark on your renders.
2013/3/17 21:09:51
Muvizu Play Launch! Well I've just got home after being on the train all day but it was well worth it. The 3D printers were definitely worth the trip.

Creeped out

Met some interesting people, saw some interesting stuff, ate some interesting food, laughed more than I have for ages due to the excellent company and would like to thank Ziggy for the excellent and entertaining tour of his hard drive and Rodney and Berty for teasing us yet again with a totally unrealistic release date for Amun-Ra. I tried to do my bit by banging on about holding objects all night and may have made a little progress.

Cured a few worries about the future of Muvizu, probably the booze as I am an Xmas and Birthday drinker so trying to keep up with the Scottish experts proved a little foolish without several weeks of practise. Lost my wallet so had to travel home penniless. Can't quite remember what happened after 10.30pm so if anyone who knows wants to pm me with the gory embarrassing details I would be very grateful.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Thank you Muvizu for a wonderful weekend. bowrofl
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2013/3/12 4:39:38
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Ehh... I think some of you may be getting the wrong idea about my use of the word 'nasty'. In the context of this video, it means torture, brutality, and murder. This is that kind of 'nasty'. Just so you know

Oh, that's a relief. For a minute there I thought it might have been about something sick and depraved. Big Grin
2013/3/10 21:49:26
Coming Soon... Or interesting depending on your point of view and age. Big Grin

Nice trees, VDub and well lit. Intriguing,
2013/3/9 1:49:30
Beach Rainbow Magic I knocked this up this afternoon after a magical walk on the beach. I thought some of you may find it interesting. Just a nice moment.......

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