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2011/1/14 15:37:39
Better processor or better graphics card Thanks very much Jim
Spot on advice as usual.

With a school age son I'm hoping to get the Adobe Suite which includes After effects so I guess I really need the Quad Core and I appreciate the importance of the GC - maybe I'll just have to sell more quicly on ebay!
2011/1/14 14:46:01
Better processor or better graphics card Hello there

I'm busy saving up for a new PC and I was wondering - as I try to spec it - which of the following upgrades would be more beneficial from a Muvizu perspective.

I3 Dual core processer upgrade to a I5 Quad core processer OR
(for example) upgrade from GTS450 or Radeon 5770 upgrade to GTX460 Graphics card

Also there are 768MB and 1GB versions of the GTX460. How crucial would that difference be.

Hoping someone can help

Many thanks

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2011/1/6 14:44:54
better way to move characters Berty

On the contrary - that's a great help. I'm in the same boat really as I don't play any games either. I'll certainly consider Dell but their PCs seemed to be that bit more expensive- I would be interested to know how you get on with it.


2011/1/6 14:10:06
better way to move characters as a matter of interest who are you ordering from. I'm looking to buy a PC in the next few months so am interested in what you have decided to go for. I was looking at models by Chillblast and PC Specialist
2011/1/6 12:08:15
BETT schools exhibition This looks like an event that the Muvizu team should be attending in the future - as I'm sure you could drum up some business there.
2010/12/29 22:34:47
Christmas Muvizu laptop thanks Dreeko
I'm still saving but am torn between a laptop and a PC. Can the Dell handle the complex Muvizu scenes easily?
2010/12/29 22:14:33
Christmas Muvizu laptop Good news Dreeko - which one did you plump for?
2010/12/21 22:54:03
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) Matt
That's really generous of you. These are fantastic sets which have been beautifully crafted.
What a wonderful Christmas present for the Muvizu community.

All the best

2010/12/21 9:53:33
Dead hard Jim
Thanks again
Syndication was set to "Yes" and music is creative commons so that would not appear to be the problem.

Looks like there must have been a "glitch" during the upload but not to worry.

Many thanks, and have a great Christmas!

all the best

2010/12/20 14:09:11
Dead hard thanks very much - not a problem if it needs reloading - somebody has already disliked it. Must be some southern pansy!
2010/12/20 13:20:17
Dead hard Jim
I uploaded via the website yesterday evening


2010/12/20 11:44:09
Dead hard thanks Jim
on that basis I'll wait
2010/12/20 11:06:16
Dead hard The Hard's latest adventure is online now (althogh missing from the Muvizu gallery - is it in the works or do i need a reload?)

A hard medium is in toon and The hard is set to pit his hardness against some of the hardest hards in history (not for the faint hearted)
2010/12/16 12:55:59
puppeteering or manual animation Hello there

Fantastic as the "stock" animations are is there any chance future releases of Muvizu will allow characters to be able to perform actions manually using either "puppeteering" OR a combination of key frames and the ability to adjust body parts?


2010/12/10 13:33:04
New Tutorial Vids Neil wrote:

It's not quite what you're after, but you can also right-click a camera's view in the camera window and your viewpoint will move to that camera.

No, that is a great tip and will save me a lot of time for when i go awol

thank you Neil
2010/12/10 12:19:37
New Tutorial Vids Neil wrote:
chuckles wrote:
Is there a way to make the screen display go back to a sensible view?

Slightly off-topic for this thread, but hey, I'll roll with it.

Could you define "sensible view"? It seems a bit arbitrary.
edited by Neil on 10/12/2010

I know i have had similar problems and for me a "sensible view" could be to be able to move to the same view as a selected camera?

I tend to use the scene window then select a character then use "M" or "L" (I think)
2010/12/10 9:05:11
New Tutorial Vids The current tutorials (in combination with the intuitivity of the program) make it very easy to get started with Muvizu but I think it is much more difficult to make the next step up.
The Muvizu functionality is clearly aimed at allowing a beginner to get up and running very quickly but as a result is more limited when you want greater control/flexibility. Nonetheless some of the more skilful users have managed to workaround these limitations so it can be done.

Therefore tutorials that show how you can creatively use Muvizu to extend it's apparent capabilities would certainly be useful.


2010/12/8 11:59:28
After Effects Ghenrig
Not sure how much cash you have available but if you have a friend/relative in FTE and a 64 bit computer you could purchase Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium Student Edition (£257 from which includes all these
  • Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5
  • Adobe After Effects® CS5
  • Adobe Photoshop® CS5 Extended
  • Adobe Illustrator® CS5
  • Adobe Flash® Catalyst™ CS5
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS5
  • Adobe Soundbooth® CS5
  • Adobe Encore® CS5
  • Adobe OnLocation™ CS5
  • Adobe Bridge CS5
  • Adobe Dynamic Link
  • Adobe Device Central CS5
  • Live online services
2010/12/6 12:51:17
Christmas Muvizu laptop Neil/Jim
Thanks for your advice - the Dell XPS 15 had already caught my eye so looks like a good bet.
Asus laptops seem to get good reviews too
2010/12/6 8:41:07
Christmas Muvizu laptop I too would be interested in knowing what spec laptop would be suitable for running muvizu comfortably and whether this is a viable alternative to running it on a desktop


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