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2010/12/3 12:20:19
Bug? - lights have gone out Thanks Neil/Marco

It's no big deal as - as you say - I can just switch the lights back on before rendering and I think it is a good thing to be able to produce 2d animations too.

All the best

2010/12/3 9:11:04
Bug? - lights have gone out Hello there

In previous versions it was possible to "switch off" the lights using the F2 key but yhr lights remained on in the Camera View and - more importantly - when you were making a movie.

This no longer seems to be the case.

If it is a deliberate change it would be a shame because I like to have the lights switched off to save resources


2010/11/30 9:08:17
Where are the error log files? ukBerty wrote:



I'm currently saving up for a new computer and was wondering what processor/ram/graphics card you are currently using to produce your wonderful animations

many thanks

2010/11/25 14:28:23
GAGA finalist freakmoomin wrote:
Anybody know what this is?

National Theatre of Scotland – ‘TDF Takeover’

Tour de france takeover?

No - I think it is "The Daft F.." - oh no maybe not
2010/11/24 16:00:08
GAGA finalist Congratulations to all at Muvizu for reaching the finalists - well deserved - and if there's anybody who needs bribing...
2010/11/19 9:04:23
Directing animation block by block It would certainly be useful to have step by step directing mode and the ability to swap things around on the timeline. However "live" direction needs to be retained as the ability to stop a particular move "in flight" (which I have only just discovered!) allows you to produce variations on the stock animations.

Certainly though it would be nice to see the flexibility of the timeline extended (although I appreciarte that adding to this takes away from the simplicity) to allow the ordering of timeline elements to be swopped around.

Also it would be good to have the option (might be impossible) to delete an animation say and "close the space" - ie pulling all succeeding animations back.

Similarly if you could (using Dreekos suggested direction mode) insert and "push" along succeeding animations.

All sounds a bit difficult to develop to me......

all the best

2010/11/17 15:17:16
Happy Birthday Kerry! Kerry

Have a great day; I bet Vince will let you home early and don't go drinking too much (at least not until the weekend)
2010/11/17 11:04:20
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn All

I definitely think this is needed.

Using keyboard/mouse to move objects/cameras/characters is (perhaps) more intuitive but I'm not convinced but anyroad I find this by far the most frustrating aspect of the software and usually end up giving up.

I don't know if having an under spec machine does not help or it is just my lack of dexterity but I can't get anything to go where I want, when I want and in the direction I want!

I would love it, love it, if we had them (to misquoute Kegs) - waypoints I mean
2010/11/16 22:53:54
The Latest Muvizu Hello there
There are 2 versions of the software on the download page.
You must have downloaded the one at the top of the page - to get the music stuff you need the download towards the bottom of the page
2010/11/16 15:48:32
Looking for an Animator for short project. Jo
I don't work for Muvizu (unfortunately!) but your request raises some interesting questions about commerciality and the use of the software.

Anyone making money out of Muvizu needs to "declare" it so if you were planning on paying for an animator to help you I imagine this would trigger the process.

Also if you were hoping to generate more work from using the animations I guess that may count too.

I an not trying to scupper your request - just ensuring you stay on the right side of the Muvizu Mafiosi!
2010/11/15 9:43:31
possible to save imported objects in your favs? thanks very much Jamie
2010/11/15 9:17:53
Video Editing Hello all

Just to add that Lightworks ( has now become open source.

Don't know anything about it but it looks impressive!

Also Avid/Pinnacle Videospin is also free (but limited0:
2010/11/15 8:32:20
possible to save imported objects in your favs? Thanks Righturken - I can certainly use that method for the time being. I was just thinking that if the plan was to eventually store object assets on the site it would be good to be able to store them as finished objects (ie with correct colours and/or textures) applied.
2010/11/14 21:52:16
possible to save imported objects in your favs? Hello all

I think the answer is no but I'll ask anyway.

Is there any way of saving imported objects as favourites. When you right click them the only options are reset and delete whereas with the standard objects you get reset, delete and favourites.

If not can I make a request for this to be a future enhancement

All the best

2010/11/13 15:01:29
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn I see now - it is the movements rather than the animations. I can confirm the same problem here; have you emailed If not I'm happy to
2010/11/13 13:47:03
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Dreeko

I tried to replicate the problem with a very simple scene (ie 1 character and 3-4 animations only) and I could delete and move things on the timeline just as before infact the delete worked better because I used to have to LC then RC and delete.

This suggests it might be a bug caused by a combination of things?
2010/11/13 13:28:48
Hi My first contact with you all! Chuckles
There is no limit but the videos are moderated and this means that they might not show up until Monday as they tend only to be moderated on weekdays and during working hours
all the best
2010/11/12 15:34:58
remote manifest failed thanks very much Jim
2010/11/12 14:43:34
remote manifest failed When I open the new version of Muvizu and the splash screen is viewable I get a message stating that the download of the remote manifest file (or words to that effect) has failed.

The program still starts and there are no apparent problems within the software so it does not appear to be a major issue.

Is the remote manifest file required for some functions?

I have Windows XP SP3
2010/11/12 9:30:17
Creation on-the-fly I agree that the ability to group characters with objects/effects (like you can group together objects) would be great so that you could have someone driving a car or riding a bike
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