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2012/3/11 6:26:58
Muvizu remakes Loved the Father Ted! Where did you get those airplane seats?
2012/3/11 0:00:09
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing. I wanted to create an airliner cockpit, so I grabbed one from Sketchup and followed the tutorial to import it (Ford Mustang tutorial). I was able to import it and set a collision mask, but I can't enter the open space of the cockpit. What do I need to do, or am I way off base about what I'm able to do here?

Here's the cockpit I used: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=e60b8b600f5d171c882f2cc62481dd5a&prevstart=0

As an aside, I noticed that importing objects this way, Muvizu only displays 40 color properties in the object properties tab.
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2012/3/10 23:47:16
HayManMarc says "Hello"
Dreeko wrote:
most helful forum you will find!

Quiet Dreeko, the Satanism isn't supposed to come out until later! Anyway, welcome HayManMarc, we look forward to your video!

Haha! Thank you. Kidding aside, that's what I noticed about this place and why I'm so anxious to jump in and join the ranks. I already have a small problem, but I'll post that in another thread.
2012/3/10 22:56:23
HayManMarc says "Hello" Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself and greet the community.

I've been trying to make a movie using the game "The Movies" but got tired of it's limitations. I was ecstatic when I found Muvizu - FOR FREE! That is so nice!

Thank you so much, and I'll be seeing you around the forums.

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