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2011/1/12 11:30:12
Muvizu in French ! Muvizu version Française I must say, well done! This is awesome and will probably be grately appreciated by our French fans
2010/12/23 21:41:06
where are the shadows for the instruments hi rwtread01

We have been made aware of this in a few previous posts and it has been raised with our art team as a bug in order to fix the problem. Unfortunately the fix won't be ready to the next release which won't be to sometime next year as the developers are working on updating Muvizu to the lastest Unreal engine which involves a lot of heavy hardcore coding (none of which I understand hehe).
Thanks very much for trying to make Muvizu better, without all of our users reporting faults like this we would never be where we are at today. Hope you are enjoying using the package

2010/12/15 13:14:53
Ghost house episode 5 loving the series and I just realised there is a website as well!
2010/12/14 13:58:20
Awesome stop-motion Lego animation Very very cool much!
2010/12/13 16:25:27
GAGA finalist Just to add to this, due to the crazy mental snow we have had in Scotland, the event was cancelled and rescheduled for the 3rd Feb so won't find out until then
2010/12/9 15:31:19
New Tutorial Vids I have came across a nice explaination of 3 point lighting using muvizu on
Author is Hermit, I wonder if that is the same Hermit we have on this site?
2010/12/8 12:14:53
HELP.... GREEN BACKGROUND IN START non ancora stiamo ancora lavorando su di esso. vi terremo informati. Sto usando Google Translate quindi per favore perdonatemi se questo è italiano corretto
2010/12/8 12:01:16

cosa significa la "A"?

A=Alpha (alfa)
2010/12/8 11:58:33
New Tutorial Vids I am trying to decide what tutorial still to do guys. So far I have came up with.

*how subtle lighting, depth of field and focal length can change the whole mood of your video
*greenscreen muvizu characters onto a video (either using after effects, nuke or fusion. take your pick)
*import models from modo into muvizu

I might do them all if i have time but does anyone have a preference? or is there any other ones you can think of?
2010/12/8 10:21:29
Performance Increase Programmes Muvizu already works for me so I can't tell if it works for non-performing laptops.
It doesn't break anything on my end after running it though so am sure it wouldnt hurt to try it Big Grin
2010/12/8 10:00:47
HELP.... GREEN BACKGROUND IN START This problem appears to be happening with my laptop at home. I have just downloaded and installed it yesterday, so going to look into it a bit further.
My laptop has ran muvizu before about 6 months ago perfectly fine. And seems to be working ok apart from this problem. Might be a problem at the dev/download end? Is there anyone from the art who made it in today who can check the skydome pack?
All colours on interface and objects appear fine just the background.
If it was a graphics card problem would there not be a green tint to everything?
I have sent this to so we have a record of it.

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2010/12/7 13:20:10
Christmas Muvizu laptop I wish santy claus would buy me a nice shiney new laptop hehe I think I am on is naughty list though! I can always hope. Just need to stick with the one i've got just now
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2010/12/7 13:13:57
Stolen Snowman Haha I heard about this. Can't believe someone actually phoned up to report a stolen snowman!
2010/12/6 10:49:11
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Well have to be mayor of somewhere hehe (talking about foursquare in case anyone missed that). Look forward to seeing you then. I managed to make it in to work today but goodness know if i'll be able to get home
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2010/12/3 13:44:35
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Haha I like number 3. I honestly cant get over the fact people actually use these lines!
2010/12/1 13:12:50
Animations Characters do while Creating Them Believe it or not I don't think that has ever been requested before (maybe I am wrong though).
I can't see why we could put these in. The animation cycles are already done so shouldn't be too difficult to include them into the package as individual animations.
I will def mention to the art team. Nice suggestion
2010/11/15 11:14:43
Ghost House episode 3 Love it! My favourite characters have to be the skeletons. Def need to see more of them.
How many episodes is there going to be?
2010/11/10 10:39:28
Modo & Muvizu Your work around will work well but some people won't have access to 3DS MAX.
As you have mentioned, I won't use any other software for modelling as it is far superior, cheaper and much easier to learn than other packages.
Having played around with the script mentioned by Jim I would definetly say that this is a very good resource and one which is discussed quite a lot on the luxology forums.
The only tip I would give you is make sure (if you haven't already) that Modo's unit system is changed to game units, otherwise the model you import into Muvizu will be tiny.
2010/11/9 15:36:42
Missing Textures toonarama wrote:
No need to apologise - you're just being hyper-efficient!

I suppose so Big Grin
And you are also being extra vigilant! I should really check back previous posts but hey, I am being lazy hehe
2010/11/9 14:08:56
Missing Textures Ah yes I see. My apologises. The developers do know about this, I must be sleeping today Big Grin
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