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2010/5/8 9:27:08
To really open up the potential Thanks for the reply/link Emily.

Unfortunately a little too late for me to get a relevant vid done now the election has passed, however that's short term, your app looks like it will be a winner longterm, so no worries! I look forward to the day when importing is possible, it will be awesome.

Keep up the good work

2010/5/3 20:56:05
To really open up the potential Wow I stumbled upon this app through a link in the 3DCoat forum What a fun util!
ok now the fact that it is getting mentioned in 3d modelling app forums should pretty well say it all.

With Obj import capability and with access to generic rigs for user made anims a whole community of user made items and anims would follow (at no cost to the devs) Seems logical to me unless the the plan is to make money from Characters/anims rather than the app itself? I'm sitting here with 3DCoat/ Cinema4D / Silo / Zbrush, truespace (cough, oops) Iclone (too cumbersome) Blender, Cubase etc, I'm ready... bring it on Man If I could have imported models and textures for the 3 main party leaders for the election we could have had some real viral vid fun and laughs too, all those soundbites and gaffs just dying to be animated!

Keep up the great work. Oh and a vote from my wife too.... She's from Glasgow!.... So in her words "time to get canny noo" (translation.... get the users to make content to increase the app profile and user base/sales... free.. er thats got to appeal to you Celtic folks no?. oops she slapped me for that one lol... heck I'm Celtic too just from the other side of the Irish sea.

Interestingly I note that a company BIS (bohemia interactive studios) have made a decision over the last 9 years to sell their game Ofp / arma and arma2 but make it hugely moddable, ie easy to add new models /textures/ sounds/etc. The user base and constantly growing modding community has extended the purchase base and life of sales monumentally. Quite an eye opener. That's as opposed to iclone which in my opinion is more geared to selling content (the reason I have wasted my money and deleted it... personal opinion not an invitation for flame) Because the modders/ model makers are so active the dev team don't have to work as fast to bring out new versions as user content fills in a heck of a lot of gaps, win win users happy, amateur content makers happy, sales prolonged, bigger user base, devs get ideas from some of the more advanced amateur content and incorporate advanced versions in next retail version.. Bis continue to flourish and even have a commercial version now for international military training.(again amateur users give input in exchange for non commercial priced version)

Summary, "Open up the sandbox and the Castles will come"

Best wishes
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