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2014/10/22 23:13:16
Robot Child Music Clip Fair point about the eyes, you're not the only person to ask me about that.

The song is more or less about what would happen if we were actually visited by aliens and how we would proceed to explain what we've been doing to the planet. So, the robot represents a generic alien and the other guy represents mankind in general.

I guess he's kinda like my Muvizu version of a stick man or the symbol for the men's toilet or whatever. When I was designing it I kept feeling that the more features I gave it the more it looked like an individual and the less it represented mankind. The having no eyes and no ears thing also somehow seemed to tie in with the "Blissfully Unaware" hook in that he's senseless.

I've pretty much characterised a side of humanity into a dumb guy who's only interested in material stuff like his fancy watch which he even checks as he's being taken through a portal into another dimension.

It's true there is a lot going on. Probably too much I realise in retrospect.

Really glad you liked it though and thanks for watching!
2014/10/22 10:15:20
Robot Child Music Clip Yeah, you got me,

seemed a good way to illustrate that the alien robot was trying to educate the human that there was something bigger than him out there. A bit of Pop Culture is always fun.

Cheers and thanks for watching!!
2014/10/21 5:05:52
Robot Child Music Clip Hi All,

I made this a while back for a track off my band's album. It's sort of been sitting hidden for a while but I think some of you might like what I've done. Please check it out. I'd love some feedback.


2012/4/11 0:54:10
hi and re licencing bizo Hi,

firstly, fantastic work. I only came across Muvizu for the first time last week and I am blown away. I've had many late nights this week getting to know your awesome product.

I do already have a question I was wondering if someone could answer.

I am making a clip for a song by our band in Muvizu. We are about to release an album with the track in question on it. I am basically wondering what the licencing situation is around this. I would not intend to sell the resulting video in any form though we might consider trying to get it broadcast. ABC (government run tv) here in Australia have a music clip show called Rage which will most probably screen our clip if we decided we want to pass it onto them. There is no avenue for anyone to make any money from that apart from indirectly based on exposure on national tele. How does this kind of use fit in with the licencing arrangements for Muvizu?

Also, I imagine this is not possible but is there a way we can get a licence that will allow us to remove the Muvizu logo if we decide to broadcast. I dont want to go breaching any agreements and accept that it's only fair that it's on there but if we get it broadcast it might be cleaner to have the image without the logo.

I imagine these are things I will need to discuss directly with the Muvizu folks really but I can't see a clear way to contact them so this seemed like a good starting point.

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