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2010/8/13 13:58:29
Forum suggestion and an idea for a competition. Hello again,

The forums are being streamilined considerably - the less places there are the lower the chance that something will get missed. A general discussion/off topic section is a pretty good idea - not sure how the moderation of it would go but it's certainly something we will consider.

I like the idea of a Christmas based contest - I will pass the idea on.

Take care,
2010/8/13 13:54:31
Intuitivity rating - high Hi again,

Don't worry Glasgow is a dark and surreal place - so your sense of humour should fit pretty well.

2010/8/13 10:48:19
Braindead moment - uploading to Muvizu - how? Hi again - there ya go:

And don't worry - my brain goes on holiday all the time

2010/8/13 10:28:19
Animals Hi again Kaynine,

There are currently a selection of masks and tails that you can apply to male and female characters to make them look like animals. The art team are also looking at adding animal characters, so that they have facial expressions.

Take care,
2010/8/13 10:18:13
Grab tutorials for offline study - hope this is OK Hi Kaynine,

We are happy for people to download the tutorials - we were actually looking at uploading them to one or two of the mirrors that have been set up.

I personally use RealPlayer to grab movies off of YouTube and the like, but I know that a lot of people really, really don't like it.

Take care,
2010/8/12 17:16:00
Game assests Hi again,

There are a few different places that you can import videos and photos/pictures onto - the TV, Flatscreen TV, Robot's Chest, Backdrop and many others - you can import 1 image or 1 video onto each of them, i.e. if you want to use 3 photos you will need 3 screens.

Alternatively you could use programmes like VirtualDub and AviSynth to create a video made up of 26 photos (for the Alphabet)

You get the texture onto the object by doing the following:
Right-Click on the Object or Backdrop
Left-Click on the Edit button beside the current Image
Left-Click on Import
Find the Image or Video
Double-Click on it, or Left-Click on it then Open
Close the edit window

You can only use .avi video files and you can use a variety of image formats.

Take care,
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2010/8/12 16:40:53
Game assests Hi Muddybunny,

Object importing isn't available yet - it is something that is being worked on at the moment.

When you sign in to your Muvizu account you should be able to use any .jpg files that you have uploaded to the site as textures on a backdrop/TV etc.

The projects are areas to share assets at the moment, but they are being looked at along with the rest of the site.

Take care, and feel free to bombard us with questions and suggestions
2010/8/12 16:31:03
flashpage Jimbo1 wrote:
Help please, new user today and cant get passed programme set up. Keeps reporting" please refer to DXError.log and DirectX.log in your windows folder"I have tried loading DX files direct from Microsoft and this loads and looks fine but it will not clear this dialog box when I try to run install again.Any ideas. I'm Windows 7

Hi Jimbo, sorry you are having trouble with Muvizu.

From what you are saying it sounds like the Muvizu Direct X install is failing - if you Deselect Direct X on the "Additional Components" screen you might be able to get Muvizu to install properly.

Please let me know how you get on,
2010/8/12 15:51:45
no characters or objects appear Hi Joao,

It's pretty strange that it's happening to two of your PCs - did you get asked by Windows Firewall to allow Muvizu access to the internet? (you need to let Launcher.exe and Muvizu.exe through) If both machines have access to the internet and both machines are allowing Muvizu and the Launcher through the Firewall it's possible that it's your Router that is blocking Muvizu.

Muvizu goes through port 80 and instructions on how to open ports can be found at: it's got a pretty comprehensive list of Routers and the procedures used to open ports (just view the default guide and add port 80).

If you would rather update the cache files I have created a self-extracting file - all you need to do is unzip it: Cache - Vista and 7.exe

Please let me know how you get on.
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2010/8/12 13:45:39
Competition entries and assets Hi Mick,

The .set file should have all the data we need - it actually includes the custom audio and textures - but it wouldn't hurt to stick your assets in a .zip file as well, just in case.

Take care, and good luck.
2010/8/12 12:27:09
Muvizu fan site - Movie sets for Muvizu Nice one Than, it's great to see the community growing like this.

I might fire over a couple of my .set files - but I will have to check them first as we use a development version of the software in the office that isn't always 100% compatible with the public version.

We are looking at expanding the types of files that can be shared via the Muvizu website - but it's great that you have done this - I always find that community sites like yours help to encourage creativity and sharing between users.

Take care, and thanks for doing this for the community.
2010/8/12 12:01:39
Royalty Free Music Nice one Kilted Ninja,

The more of these websites that we know about the easier it will be to make videos with custom content.

There are some more websites listed at too.

Take care,
2010/8/12 11:44:39
Audio Help Hi S7ani, and thanks for trying Muvizu.

Some of the guys and gals in the office have used these converters:

Most text to speech software puts a break into playback when you use punctuation; for instance you could put the following in and it might generate a decent gap (I have typed the name of the punctuation to avoid confusion).

comma space full stop

If it doesn't generate a big enough gap in the playback you could save the file then edit it using Audacity - which is free and pretty decent.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.

Take care,
2010/8/12 11:36:56
Uploading video and it showing on site. Hi again jamspencer,

We cannot upload videos on behalf of users but we are looking into why your video isn't on the site - could you please check a couple of things for me?

Syndication options - when you log in to YouTube and then go to "My Videos" then "Edit Video" there is an option for syndication - is it yes or no?

What time did you upload the video?

Take care,
2010/8/12 11:23:49
Open doors Hi garageman2010,

Unfortunately doors cannot be opened and closed by characters - the only way you can make it happen is animating them in After Effects or another editing programme.

The video
has an opening door in it.

If you have any other questions please let us know,
2010/8/12 10:36:05
Can't get it to run Hi Alig,

Unfortunately that error also means that you have a graphics card that doesn't meet Muvizu's minimum specifications.

You might want to try the work around that I mentioned in my previous post, but it's not guaranteed to work.

Take care,
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2010/8/12 10:33:28
need help! Hi LokiLivi, and thanks for trying Muvizu.

The tutorials are a pretty good starting point - they will show you how to make a video from start to finish and can be found at:

Take care, and enjoy using Muvizu.
2010/8/12 10:22:16
Mac compatibility Hi polofson,

Unfortunately most games developers ignore Mac because of their relatively low market share and high development cost - including Epic (the company that makes the Unreal 3 Engine that Muvizu is based upon). The only company that has really been pushing Mac development is Valve - who recently released their Steam application and most of their back catalogue for Macs, but even at that Steam has over 1,000 games available and only 60 or so can be used on a Mac.

Epic announced that Unreal 3 would be released for Mac and Linux in 2008 - but that has obviously been delayed.

I agree it would be great if we could release Muvizu for all platforms but until the Unreal 3 engine can be used on all platforms we are stuck on PC.

Take care,
2010/8/11 16:44:21
Where are the generic characters? Hi citizenwolf, sorry you are having trouble with Muvizu.

Muvizu needs to connect to the internet the first time that you use it in order to build the lists of characters and objects - if your PC is not connected to the internet or Muvizu is being blocked by a firewall then it will not be able to build a list of characters.

Allowing Muvizu through your firewall:

The programmes Muvizu.exe and Launcher.exe need to be added to the list of allowed programmes. They can be found in C:\Program Files\Muvizu\Binaries or C:\Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\Binaries if you have a 64-bit operating system.

While allowing Muvizu through your firewall has fixed this issue for most people some users have been unable to get Muvizu to connect to the internet at all, meaning Muvizu cannot build the list of characters. We are investigating this issue but you should be able to manually create the required files by downloading and running this fix: Cache - Vista and 7.exe

If that doesn't work please let me know.

Take care,
2010/8/11 16:16:49
Re: FireWall Blockage Hi again,

After researching the warning it appears that people using Kapersky sometimes get that warning when running safe programmes - the following quote is from

"Keyloggers may send your personal information (logins, passwords, credit card numbers) you enter using your keyboard to a cyber criminal. However, similar actions can be performed not only by malicious programs, but also by some other not malicious applications installed on your computer. Very often these actions are performed by means of hotkeys to access some functions of an application installed on your computer.

The process kernel mode memory patch (PID: 0) is not malicious. You can add this process to the exclusions list by clicking Add to exclusions."

Please let us know which antivirus software you are using.

Take care,
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