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2012/8/29 16:11:42
Easter egg Code? Hi all,
Good luck and healthy always.
By the way...
How can I get the code for the "Easter egg" in Muvizu? ...
Does anyone know and can share? ...

2012/8/22 22:07:42
My First Movie Hi Jim

I guess it's true.
More, More and More

2012/8/22 7:12:35
My First Movie Hi FullMetall

thank you very much for your opinion.
but I am still not satisfied and want more ...

2012/8/21 16:34:47
My First Movie Hi all,
This is my first test movie,
but I had difficulty getting a clear result of sound recordings.

Noted : The picture on the television was my son who was studying acting LOL

2012/8/19 16:31:59
Permission from MUVIZU Hi Mysto,

Thank you very much for the link you provided.
I'll try to learn (Terms of Use), and hopefully MUVIZU in this issue can be flexible.
Need I say that all I wanted to enliven the world of animation, especially in Indonesia, as far as I know my country very few can make animated films.
Hopefully with Muvizu chance I will try to make it happen and can work well together.
2012/8/18 18:28:07
Permission from MUVIZU Hi Marco,

Thank you very much for your explanation, but I'm still not clear from your answer.
My question above is if we have a project in the future. what to do, considering MUVIZU is free.
If you like the above explanation, I think it's better explain the rules of the game in this MUVIZU website.
However, I will try to send to you later via E-mail address that you information the ​​above.

2012/8/17 6:43:27
Permission from MUVIZU Greetings all,

I apologize in advance for this question
I want to ask about a few things about MUVIZU.

1. Are we allowed to sell the film in our animations are created using applications Muvizu? ...
The reason,
In order for us to know our purpose to what we create animations.

2. Are we allowed to make MUVIZU own website? ....
Hopefully, this question may be clearer to avoid something that is not good in the future.
The reason,
To expand the network and introduce even more to the World about MUVIZU
2012/8/15 15:30:04
Install "MUVIZU" and "MUVIZU LITE" Dear Marco_D
Thank you very much for the advice and was very helpful.
Success always for you,
2012/8/15 10:46:00
Install "MUVIZU" and "MUVIZU LITE" Hi All
Please advise whether we can install a "MUVIZU" and "MUVIZU LITE" together in one Computer? ...
Is not going to be trouble? ...
2012/8/15 8:41:15
Focus and Blur Movie on MUVIZU Hi everyone ,
thank you very much for your attention all.
for your help, right now I am understand enough to make the focus and blur on the Muvizu.
I hope MUVIZU more successful.
2012/8/14 11:07:08
Focus and Blur Movie on MUVIZU Hi Jamesriley
Thanks for your Attention and Respon and Your Indonesia language is Good, can you Indonesia speaking?.....
The first Sorry if maybe my Question make you confuse,
but I mean "How to do / Tutorial" making Animation with Background Blur, for example like this : http://www.muvizu.com/Video/17950/Transparent-AVI-in-Muvizu-in-4-easy-steps-Muv
So if your reply same what I mean, you mean is "The Camera on Muvizu have Blur Effect with click Right on camera and just adjust for Effect Blur" that is correct?...
2012/8/14 6:37:45
Focus and Blur Movie on MUVIZU Hello All,
Previously I apologize, because I've tried to find a tutorial how to make the focus on the one hand and the blur on the other side of the MUVIZU, but I have not found it.
I beg the instructions for the tutorial.
Thank you very much for your help.
2012/8/12 10:03:10
IMPORT 3D CHARACTER HUMAN OR ANIMAL Thank you very much ukBerty,
For suggesting and it's very helpful.
I hope MUVIZU always successful.
2012/8/12 9:42:20
IMPORT 3D CHARACTER HUMAN OR ANIMAL Many Thanks for you ukBerty.
Thank you very much for the response.
I mean "not successful" because of the following:
1. When I took the character of "Duck cartoon" with Google Sketchup 3D, there are two Object, the first cartoon duck and the second link there are other objects that shaped the character of Man. (I think it's probably similar object in 3D max file BIP is to animate the Duck cartoon).
2. After I successfully export the file into ASE file, and I try to import it into MUVIZU and long enough, but the results did not work. (Sorry I forget which is written at the time of import MUVIZU Failed)
If you convey that we can import the character of a human or animal and can not animate, I think to point one might I think kind of BIP-shaped object People must to Delete .... this my opinion only, I will try again later.
Thanks again for your attention to ukBerty.
2012/8/12 7:17:15
IMPORT 3D CHARACTER HUMAN OR ANIMAL First of all I would say many thanks for the tutorial import 3D assets (Object), I have followed it in stages and the results are quite satisfactory and successful. and certainly will be very useful also for other members newbies like me.
However, I would like to know how to make the characters human or animal to be imported into MUVIZU?, Because I've tried in the same way in 3D Import tutorial assets (Object) and the results were not successful. is there a way? ... please guide, thank you very much for all the attention.
I hope MUVIZU be successful in the future and I am sure of it.
2012/8/9 5:51:05
Muvizu for Worldwide Thank you very much for your attention, and I am very glad to know you as well. Actually a lot of business opportunities in Indonesia in the world of film animation, maybe next time we will discuss in particular.
I hope to be proficient in creating animations in Muvizu and can create their own animated film to showcase Indonesia's diverse culture, Oh yeah what about the availability of tutorials in the form of pdf files, is it possible? .... Because I think the tutorial in the form of file pdf is also quite easy to understand and easy to carry anywhere (Can be read in all places).
Regards from Indonesia
2012/8/8 14:40:20
Muvizu for Worldwide first of all I introduce myself, My name is Heng and I live in Indonesia. I am very happy to have Muvizu program to make animated films. I think this is one of the world record in the history of animation in general and pass off free. I just wanted to give some input, in the hope Muvizu be more successful in the future.
A. I hope at some sites are provided Muvizu Translate Language to several countries in the world (if possible the whole world) the aim is for our friends who want to make animations but do not speak English but can keep abreast with the translate Muvizu provided muvizu. (in Indonesia, many young children who are racing to create animations, Muvizu may be the right choice and I am sure it is)
2. I hope that in addition to tutorials in video form, Muvizu can provide a tutorial in writing or in pdf format.
Hopefully Muvizu Admin can understand what I mean.
Sorry if my english is not good, but I think communication is very important to me in order to convey the intent and purpose in the future better.

Hengky from Indonesia
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