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2012/3/29 12:24:48
porting to android Hai,

If we could port muvizu to android I think it will be greate
I know that it is not that simple, but the UI is good enough for an android application

2011/9/18 11:05:47
custom characters Hai,
I was going through this websitejpbouza.com.ar/wp/blenrig and I feel like we can do something like this can help muvizu to import custom characters in it. I mean we can put a template of character and match with the imported character or something like that. I actually don't know it is possible or
how difficult it is. But just a suggestion.

Thank you
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2010/9/13 10:12:36
importing new characters Hai, Can I import rigged characters also or only assets, and if i can what procidure i have to take
2010/6/8 12:21:01
a doubt It is a commercial program or free? Can I use the output video for commercial purpose?
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