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2012/7/13 15:55:01
A Public Service Announcement! Thanks for the comments. I am still trying to get my MIME around some things in Muvizu hahaha!
2012/7/13 15:53:21
Pyrotechnics Hey thanks a bunch everyone! I had tried that before but it didn't work..Hmmm but it worked this time.
On a side note: it really amazes me how this community isn't like other ones. Usually you will have someone making mean remarks and such. Haven't seen that here. Love this place. Thanks again for helping me out and pointing me in the right direction.
2012/7/13 13:17:56
Random requests! I have been using Muvizu for only a short time but I would LOVE to see the ability to color code cue points. I use cue points alot and to be able to color code them would be awsome in timing.
2012/7/13 13:13:27
Pyrotechnics Ive tried, and I've tried but is there a way to animate Pyrotechnics to go off at a cetain time. Like at the end of a concert or at certain times through out a song ...etc....

Ive searched the forums but unless I am missiing this somewhere I didn't see this discussed anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or is it even possible?

2012/7/12 16:54:48
A Public Service Announcement! I made this in the form of the old films we use to watch in school before VHS and DVD's..

Boy do I feel old now lol. Hope you enjoy it.

2012/7/12 2:04:04
My first video :) Great no cure! Now I know what to tell my wife when I am staying up to late..Sorry hun but i have a bad case of Muvizutis lol.

thank you for the warm welcome.
2012/7/11 1:26:30
My first video :) Thanks for the comment. I think I am officially a Muvizu addict lol
2012/7/9 3:15:54
My first video :)

My first video.
Crying Out Loud singing Do You Remember.

Ziggy72 for the simple stage

Nate Monixed for the acepellas and voice

and of course MUvizu..I love this software!!
hope you all like it.
2012/7/9 2:05:00
The 12 Stages of a Breakup wow this is really good work!!
2012/7/9 2:01:20
music making First off I LOVE THIS PROGRAM...just got done creating my first video!!

I wanted to share with you a resource that i use a lot. I love making music and for Accepellas and instruments you cant beat Looperman.

Hope you all find it just as useful as I do. oh and it's free so you can't beat that!!
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