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2014/6/7 1:32:10
Coming Soon... Love the pimp looking outfit lol.

Head in a jar yes!! looking forward to seeing the completed work
2014/6/6 6:41:23
hello, new here Hi Carlos. Looking forward to seeing what you create.
2014/5/22 20:07:16
Just One Piece Competition Yes they were all great videos. Thanks everyone Toast
2014/5/20 2:24:41
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP Unfortunately I have been saying this for awhile. The one major thorn in Muvizu's side is the fact it is heavily dependent on developers for new content. This is the main reason it will always be a hobbyist program. I love Muvizu but I think as time goes on you will see more and more people leave for the same reason as Toonarama. Until something changes, but it's like they came out of beta and bam full stop. Even on the forums it's been a dead stop.

Sure you can make a video in no time but in the end your in the same boat you was in before you found Muvizu. You have to make your own assets or have someone else make them for you and do more work a-rounds then you would in blender or maya. So by the time your done you could make a more thearitical film in another program with all the work one puts in for a few minutes of Muvizu.

Hopefully HQ will see these comments and let everyone know we are not forgotten.

Hate to see you go Toonarama and hopefully we will see you back soon. Stay in touch Toast
2014/5/16 3:15:14
Some more trees Can anyone ever have enough shrubs and trees? I think not.
2014/5/15 15:36:42
Umbrella you would have to go thru the character actions and fine one that would come close to matching what you are wanting. Then I would say from there would be all editing in your favorite video editing software. But If your wanting to know if you can position the arm manually the way you want it than no. We can't position body parts to a custom posistion yet. Would be nice to be able to though.
2014/5/15 13:32:06
Umbrella It is if you have Muvizu Play + and the umbrella will have to be an .FBX file.

Just edit character go to the arms tab tick on the arrow to bring up the hands, selecte which hand you want the umbrella and then click on import.

Hope that helps
2014/5/15 2:02:15
Down at Netto - Geordie Elvis - this is Muvizu! Lol that was great! Really enjoyed that! Toast
2014/5/15 1:58:25
Some more trees I have to say they work great Urban. Thanks a million!! Thumbs Up
2014/5/14 2:02:14
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP So as I am a noob take my criticism with a grain of salt.

First, let me begin with You have my interested peaked.

You created a nice mood and the music added to the feel.

Good lighting especially with the glow from the ectoplasm.

I have to say that the voice and the character, mesh well together.

some nice camera angles and cuts

My thoughts on what can be better.

A couple of times the pause between action was too long. especially when he was holding up his hands and such around :50 seconds

At 1:11 hands and arms was in a very unnatural state. looked very odd.

I hope I have helped
2014/5/13 1:48:02
Live! from E.V.I.L. Episode 4 - Escape from EVIL! I will have to give the short comment as the long one will be too expensive for this post.

Great job!
2014/5/11 2:50:32
Who's On First

The classic comedy duo of Abbott and Costello performing Who's On First.

Been wanting to do this for awhile.

Hope you all enjoy it.
2014/5/10 20:55:16
Movement problem Thanks Urban for the feedback. Luckily it really hasn't effected the video I am working on. So now I at least know a fix to it.

Thanks again.
2014/5/10 20:10:12
Movement problem I did a search for this but didn't find it posted or I just over looked it, but this is the first time this has popped up for me.

I recorded some turns and decided I didn't like it. So I deleted the all the movements for that character on the time line using the garbage can symbol.

their all deleted, no movements are shown, it's totally empty yet every time I play back the animation he still turns. I can't delete the turns cuz in the time line they aren't there.

Anyone else experience this?

I have restarted the program have tried to record new movements and then delete them but those few turns are still there.

2014/5/9 7:20:49
Just One Piece Competition I have to say the music took me back to my youth lol. Great vid Fazz!
2014/5/9 7:19:37
Music Video. Congrats Rebel. That's pretty awesome stuff!
2014/5/7 3:56:58
Just One Piece Competition Carole wrote:
Really, really nice!

Great V/O too. Thanks for that Hammy (may i call you Hammy? Lol. )

Love it. Two cracking entries in! Could that be it!! Surely not Miss Moneypenny?
edited by Carole on 06/05/2014

Lol Thats fine with me Carole
2014/5/6 0:18:16
Just One Piece Competition Well it's finally done!

I tried to go for more of a commercial type video. So I tried to get it down to a minute but I think I was able to get it to a minute 22.

Editing this was a pain and that's what took so long to get it finished. Not to mention I ended up having to do the voice at the last minute.

I did steal some lines from your write up about the competition

I don't know how many times I rewrote this thing lol.

I hope you enjoy it. It's been fun working on it.

2014/5/2 2:26:13
Importing Characters? right click on your character. Go to edit, click on favorites tab and then save. Name your character and click save.

to put that character in other scenes click on create tab at the top, characters, click on the favorites tab and scroll until you find the character you saved, click on the name, then click create
2014/4/29 3:21:41
What you Muvizuing at the minute? Let me tell ya, i have to many projects lol. But in order of importance
Is a little story called The Forever Tree I was able to get permission by the author
To animate. A series that will me called funny Fridays or silly Saturdays. Name is still up in the air.
And of course The Hobya now that characters can hold items and such. I will work on something then insperation hits and i have to switch projects.
Oh the ideas that swirl around in my head.
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