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2012/7/25 2:23:05
Help me, pls goodnight guys. in my country, 7 a.m and 2:30 a.m in your.
edited by dragonna on 25/07/2012
2012/7/24 14:33:43
Help me, pls oh my friend, i just joke ^^
i'm use google trans so something maybe can fail in english.
i'm the Japanese.
thanks team dev, i love muvizu.Sugar High
2012/7/24 13:28:11
Help me, pls thanks you, i'll use Adobe After Effect to delete this text ^^
nice days
2012/7/24 13:26:24
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... good man
2012/7/24 11:53:18
Help me, pls I'm nood and i'm Japanese , so i'm not good at english ( goodle translation ^^)

When i make video, you know, have a text "muvizu" in it , Can you tell me how to delete this text?
and how about Easter Eggs?
thanks guys, nice days.
i love Muvizu,
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