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2017/4/11 16:42:16
custom character and action , Muvizu style Great Work, Pat!
2017/2/1 20:38:52
seeing if there's any interest.... Pat

That machine shop kicks butt! I don't see how someone could NOT use it! Bravo!

wait! The fork lift! How cool is that?! And it runs on propane! I remember the old days of loading a 48ft trailer with a propane forklift. The air gets bad in a hurry! :-)
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2016/10/29 0:48:33
Asian Character packs Hi Fellow Muvizuers

Are "Instruments" an option for the new character (Asian/South As

ian) packs? I need a different look! I need to get back to Muvizu!
2016/8/30 14:56:12
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Hi Pat

I recently had a hard drive crash and lost A LOT of stuff, including the Moscow band video I was working on ( I have heard about backups, yes).
Anyhoo, I would like to submit my other video which is only available at my Reverbnation page. Is this submittable to the contest?
2016/5/11 20:17:06
Swimming Pool Hi All

I am having a time trying to import a swimming pool. The closest I got was not showing the transparent "water" mesh. I am surprised there is not a set here with one <hint, hint> ;-)

Anybody have a pool asset they feel like sharing?

2016/4/10 17:48:00
Epic Music Video Thanks Guys

I think one of my stumbling blocks is going to be the crowd. I want a huge crowd. I see huge crowd = huge issues. Thoughts of creating a JPG of the amp cabs. But that would look like crap. Hmmmm.....

Here is a drop box folder with the SET file, the Music File and the vocal file.


I tried to share a folder at dropbox with the set file and the sound files. I don't see any of that up on drop box. working on it..
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2016/4/8 19:44:24
Epic Music Video Thanks Pat!

heres the lowdown:

Blick Fang is me. I write the songs. I play all the guitars and bass and keyboards. The drums are Steven Slate Drums. The vocals are acapellas that I downloaded and edited to fit my music, with the exception of "You bet I'm Crazy" where the lovely and talented Sharon Rachman ( wrote and sang the lyrics.
I am always on the look out for possible collaborations. Particularly female lead singers who know a bit about recording with their computer. So let your friends know! ;-)
I may one day venture out of Studio C with the right people and play a few bars again. But more focus is on an animated version of the band, where you can see the band anywhere at anytime.
2016/4/8 16:48:04
Epic Music Video Hi Friends

I am putting together my 3rd music video for my little band project. The video will be 2:24 minutes long. I was going to do it on my own, but I kept seeing "Collaborations" section in these forums. I know some of you Muvizuers have done music video before as a collab so I thought I would ask. Does anyone want to make an epic music video with me? I have the main set, the characters, the music, the vocals isolated for better lip-syncing and the vision. The song is here:

The song is "Moscow"

Here is the last video I did:

I am not going to be able to offering you anything except praise (or scorn ;-) lol) But I will promote the heck out of it and you can drop your name in the credits as well.

2016/4/1 20:59:20
animation fans Thanks Pat

Someday I will get back to my music video.
2016/3/22 19:38:01
Great expectations, what can be done & what can't theotherguy wrote:
That is why newer characters have their own distinct movements (unfortunately sometimes) and why we won't see many new ones.

I am not so sure I subscribe to that. I could be mistaken, but I thought there were some core characters that shared a lot of the same resources. All you would have to do is rig your new character and link it to the libraries of said resources and you're good to go. I am hoping some one won't tell me it isn't that easy..........
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  • 2016/3/14 18:16:21
    More camera tracking experimentation emergencysquirrel, that was feaking awesome!!!!
    2016/2/25 22:03:54
    Mandy Character and a Mic These are all lovely suggestions. And I have no problem importing things (Thanks Pat). Heck you should have seen the trouble I went through to get my cathedral into a scene

    HOWEVER the KEY thing we all seem to be over looking (except me) is Instrument/Microphone. When you're developing your lead singer character and you see that, you're on the right path. That character will get all kinds of singing related actions. Some of them ok. Some of them really really cool. And when they aren't available to a character you really want to use, well it kinda sucks. No imported Mic or pippette is going to give you those actions and there lies the root cause of the problem, which the folks at Muvizu tell me they are not going to do anything about. Perhaps the next new character will be able to sing and have even more cool moves; but have no head?
    2016/2/19 15:03:09
    Moscow Assets Thanks guys. I was able to import the FBX version of that model in Muvizu. Something happened with some colors. I am in the process of building the set for the music video :-)
    2016/2/18 21:30:22
    Moscow Assets Hey Guys

    Thanks for your input. I took a .3ds model and opened it in Anim8or. I stripped it down a bit, added some cartooning colors and when I get home I'll open it in Blender and Export it as an FBX. And then open it in Muvizu. And then see what happens. I wish we could post pix here. I did a bang up job with some lighting and the Anim8or renderererererer Thanks to Chigirinsky as well; he made the bilk of the model Oh wait.....
    2016/2/17 15:33:35
    Moscow Assets Hi Guys

    So I made a model in Anim8or of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in Moscow. I imported it as a .3ds in Blender. I imported it as an FBX in Muvizu. I think I accomplished what I set out to do.

    However, now I want to add some material. Because if you look at the model from the distance it looks ok. But up close it just looks like a big white thing. Now I have to figure out how to add textures. :-)

    Here is what I have so far. I am open to criticism :-)
    2016/2/16 17:45:10
    Moscow Assets Wow this little project is getting more involved! :-)

    I think am going to go a different route. I am going to use this little program called Anim8or for the main modelling. It's pretty straightforward and I am not going to be rivet counting with my models :-)

    I had one of the domes made and it was recognized so I think I'm off to a good start:

    I will have to export the model from Anim8or to .3ds or OBJ and then open that in Blender (yikes) and export that to FBX

    And then as I type: Is there away to remove collision in the premade objects in Muvizu? I would think yes?
    2016/2/16 14:57:42
    Moscow Assets Hi ziggy72

    I was able to import that model....somehow lol. I also took your advice and chopped away all but the main belltower. The only problem now is it does not have a lot of texture options; 2 that is. I have no idea how to remedy you? :-)
    2016/2/15 21:50:28
    Moscow Assets Thanks for the timely response, Pat!

    I was under the impression that only .ase files could be imported into Muvizu?
    2016/2/15 17:56:31
    Moscow Assets Hi Pat

    I was able to finally import an asset successfully. By successfully I mean it was a giant blob of funky angles. Scrolling away from the ground (about midway up in the Muvizu world) helped; thanks!

    I just need to figure out how to change textures to nothing in Sketchup 8 or figure out how to get those textures into Muvizu. Do you or anyone know of a good Sketch up 8 tute for that?

    Heres the model I am trying to import:

    2016/2/11 13:27:50
    Moscow Assets Hi Ziggy72

    The longest edge is 17m. I 've navigated all around the dome and can not get it to work. I wish I could attach the .ase file here
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