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2015/8/2 16:37:13
multiple characters; not working well fazz68

I owe you one. Thank you very much indeedee for your help. According to my calculations, you are making my Muvizu experience 100% more enjoyable!
2015/8/1 4:18:46
multiple characters; not working well fazz68

That was it. Thanks!!!! I am going to try to add them back in. On another note: Is there away to get the effect to turn on later in the video like the pyro effect? Man that would be so awesome. This video is coming along nicely. This is the band:
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2015/8/1 3:46:44
multiple characters; not working well Any process in turning them off as to deleting them? They're kind of strategically placed.
2015/8/1 3:39:28
multiple characters; not working well fazz68 wrote:
blickfang wrote:
Please tell me I'm wrong

you are wrong....

try working with the lights off (in muvizu not your house lol )


I'll give it a whirl
2015/8/1 2:24:37
multiple characters; not working well Hi gang

Doing a stage scene with a band in concert. 4 cameras. Working on the character movements for a character. Have what I want pretty much down. Now I direct my attention to the character movements of the different character. He's not moving so nicely. As a matter of fact, he's just kind of side stepping around...barely. I have come to the conclusion that Muvizu can't handle 2 characters doing semi-complex things simultaneously. Please tell me I'm wrong
2015/7/25 7:47:16
Sinking Drum Set Hi ukberty!

I made the drum set float in the air and it worked out well! Thank you very much!
2015/7/25 4:21:38
Sinking Drum Set Hi All

Why does this drum set sink half way through the floor?
2015/7/18 4:30:37
New Line up for Blick Fang My project is starting to get interesting! Thanks to all who help and put up with my shenanigans!
2015/7/18 0:47:21
My Mind Hey!

Didn't drewi make some female characters with long hair, or am I losing my mind? I can't find them anywhere!
2015/7/18 0:35:33
New Chick in + version...No Mic?? Thanks Fazz68!!!!
2015/7/17 1:49:06
New Chick in + version...No Mic?? Hi

Found a nice Mic at the 3D warehouse through Sketchup 8. After I imported and got the JPGs Muvizu wanted, Muvizu complained: Character does not have required attachment socket. Wrist_L
2015/7/16 15:31:48
New Chick in + version...No Mic?? Hi

I like the new female character in the Plus version of Muvizu (sorry, I forget her name)! However, she doesn't come with a microphone????
2015/7/13 23:52:38
Music Video Thanks guys for your patience with my noobishness and for your guidance!
2015/7/13 21:20:15
Music Video Some clarification. I need to be able to link together several clips. It would not just be a matter of switching cameras. One scene would be an on stage scene. One scene would be outside on a road. But the music would have to fit the entire movie. This is the part I can't wrap my brain around
2015/7/11 8:11:33
New Line up for Blick Fang Hi All

No video yet, but here are some stills of my cartoon band: Blick Fang

I am having a lot of fun with this software!
2015/7/11 2:13:35
15 characters Thank you again, the ever helpful fazz68!!!

That just changed the look of my band!
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2015/7/11 0:57:21
15 characters Hi All

I have only 15 characters and I thought I would get 17?
2015/7/6 23:37:50
Music Video Hi All

As I may have mentioned before, I want to take a song and create a music video. I listed to the song and have it plotted out on a timeline on paper, like a storyboard with words. Is there a tutorial specific to this? I briefly glanced at the
Tutorial 14: Directing: Basic dialogue, music and sound fx

Tutorial but don't think this is what I am looking for?
2015/7/4 21:53:56
Why does this look like crap? Thank you fazz68!

Next up is the music video of this lovely band!
2015/7/3 6:26:17
Why does this look like crap? Hey all

I just upgraded to the paid version. My snapshot looks like crap. I Did a 1 second hi-res video and did a snapshot in movie maker. And this is what I got: 
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