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2015/3/5 19:48:10
Version Issue Hi There

Not too long ago, I tried to use ziggy32's wonderful looking pink droid asset. When I tried to use it, it said I had the wrong version of Muvizu. Do I need th paid version to use this asset?

2015/2/20 15:44:57
Need a female character with long hair STAT! Could you be so kind to make these lovely ladies for the free version? :-)
2015/2/20 0:54:05
Need a female character with long hair STAT! Won't work with my version?? :-(
2015/2/19 14:52:19
Need a female character with long hair STAT! DEFINITELY we check this out this evening! Thanks!! :-)
2015/2/17 17:03:54
Quality Snapshots of JPGs Hi

I would like higher resolution snapshots of my movies. I do a snapshot of a one frame movie for making pictures. If I try to enlarge it, it looks like crap.

Here's what I mean:

Anyway to fix that?
2015/2/17 17:01:11
Need a female character with long hair STAT! HI berty

So what you are trying to say is..........................No
2015/2/16 22:49:51
Need a female character with long hair STAT! I can't work on my band video unless I have a female character with long hair! help!?
2015/1/12 19:53:19
convert characters to objects What would be cool is to at least be able to group the character to the object. In this case, the character fits so nicely in the tank, its a darn shame the character can't take the tank for a spin? Is there a work around to group them? Is there an exporter in the works?
2015/1/12 16:38:32
convert characters to objects Hi Berty

One of the sets/scenes has some lovely tanks. I made the tank move all nice. But when I popped my character in the tank he popped out when it started moving. I realize at this point you can not "bind" characters and objects (argh). He would not be doing anything but smiling. I guess I am looking for and export feature that does not exist yet :-)
2015/1/11 20:33:06
convert characters to objects It would be lovely! Is it possible? I everytime I revisit Muvizu and start getting a groove on; I hit a brick wall
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2015/1/7 0:49:19
Sketchup to Muvizu I brought my object into Muvizu and I can see it!! Hooray!! the project will continue!!

Thank you all for your help!!!!!!!!!!
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2015/1/6 15:20:16
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi All

I have downloaded Sketch up 8 from Ziggy72's link and successfully export and ase file from Sketchup. Tonight when I get home from work, I will see if Muvizu likes it.
2015/1/5 1:01:06
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi

Thanks for posting. The Eval. is......4 hours??? LOL

DrWho13, if you wouldn't mind taking a look.

2015/1/4 22:47:38
Sketchup to Muvizu nope. sketchup 2015. I am trying to find 8. but it looks futile
2015/1/4 17:14:17
Sketchup to Muvizu Tubal
3. Move the file downloaded (muvizuaseexporter.rb) to the GoogleSketchUp ‘Plugins’ folder.
. [/quote

I can't find this folder.
2014/2/12 17:08:15
Please allow me to introduce myself changing characters appearance more, making them do more

Wondering why after I make a change in a walk, it doesn't display the walk any longer.
2014/2/11 21:21:45
Please allow me to introduce myself I have been running into some road blocks and have became a little disenchanted with the program. And from what I have tested, most of the "Get Assets" do not play nicely with the latest version of Muvizu
2014/1/18 5:12:15
make a jpg of a frame? need a snap shot of a video. How to? :-)
2014/1/18 3:39:07
Character stops moving Hi

I am directing a character movement. He is simply walking across a set. When I slide the "movement" around in the time line, he stops walking when I press play. If I scrub the scene he'll walk. But if I move the movement he no longer walks?
2014/1/4 4:11:48
Change the font? I think this is an important feature? I mean, every program I can think of that involves using text allows you to change the font? I was thinking of using some words as a band back drop for a short movie. That default font is not going to cut it. Sorry?
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