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2014/1/4 3:10:30
Please allow me to introduce myself I am seriously giving Muvizu a spin. From what I have seen so far, it has got my creative mojo joein'. I hope I with stick with it long enough to make something cool.

I live about 53 Miles west of Chicago. We're getting some hard Winter right now. Its not as bad as I thought right now, though; 16F

I am into animation, music, family, swimming, my dog, bike riding, planets.
2014/1/4 2:55:19
Change the font? I click Create > Words and I do not see any where to change the font?

2013/12/23 17:42:14
Making assets I'd like to chime in if I may. how about a television talk show set? :-)
2012/8/3 20:46:24
But I do have Shader 3 Hello?
2012/8/1 16:18:51
But I do have Shader 3 Hi There

It is actually happening on 2 different machines. Let's address machine 2:

I am running Vista Home Prem. - Direct X 11 - and the Chipset is intel g33/g31 express chipset family
2012/8/1 2:35:35
But I do have Shader 3 Hi

Got the message that I don't have Shader 3. Ran dxdiag I have Direct X 9.0c = Shader 3. Now what?

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