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2013/11/13 4:13:39
Machinima Expo 6 Takes Place This Sunday, Nov. 17t The Expo 6 is taking place this Sunday from 10am to 4pm (PST). 50 films (including some Muvizu films!) screening, 8 hours of programming and awards. I hope you'll be able to come by our Ustream feed of this virtual festival.


And our Press Release

Ricky Grove
2012/11/30 17:33:31
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar What a great idea! I'm there.
2012/11/20 6:15:21
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! Excellent article.
2012/11/13 22:52:02
Muvizu shop in Second Life for the Machinima Expo You don't have to come to Second Life to enjoy the Expo; we are livestreaming the event via our website


plus,you can join in the chat, too!

2012/11/13 21:05:57
Muvizu shop in Second Life for the Machinima Expo We've set up a virtual shop for Muvizu at the Machinima Expo this weekend. Several Muvizu films on our screening reels which are screening LIVE 24/7 now.

Our sincere thanks to Muvizu for their contributions in making the Expo happen. Thank you!

Full schedule here: Expo Programming Schedule

List of films here: Full list of films screening at the Expo

2012/8/14 17:41:08
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st YouTube link is fine to submit. Don't rush yourself though. We encourage folks to get their films in before September because so many filmmakers wait till the last minute. As long as you submit before September you'll get a blue star from the screening team!

I agree. Muvizu is underrated. We hope to change that perception at the Expo this year.
2012/7/27 5:45:20
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st Please do submit your film. We'd very much like to see what you've come up with. Deadline is Sept 31st.
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2012/7/24 17:27:40
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st Sorry you are having problems. Thanks for being patient and for submitting to the Expo.

I urge everyone to submit their film. We hope to provide programming for Muvizu this year in addition to screening films.

2012/6/19 20:15:35
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st Hi all,

the 2012 Machinima Expo will start accepting film submissions to this years festival on July 1st. The submission period runs until September 30th.

Check the main machinima-expo.com website for a "Submit Your Film" link and button. I'll also update it here.

More info from our Press Release. Feel free to spread the word and use the press release.

Some great Muvizu films submitted last year.
2011/11/1 16:43:18
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions Had me falling out of my chair! Very funny video and well done. With your permission, I'd love to post it at our Expo blog and FB channel.

Oh, man.....
2011/10/27 9:21:17
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions Well, it's logistics. Notifying 185 people in a week, then setting up blog for announcing 61 films in an interesting way with links, etc. takes time, too.

We announce the jury films first, then starting Saturday we announce the first 25 films on the screening reel and then Tuesday, the next 25 films.

2 kinds of films at the Expo; top films nominated for jury award (we sent 11 films to an outside jury to vote on Grand Prize and 3 Jury prizes). Unfortunately, no Muvizu film qualified for a jury nomination.
Second group of films are the ones we screen at the Expo because we think they have something extra that we want to share with the machinima community at large. The Muvizu films are in this group of films.

I'll be publishing when the films will screen and what the timings are for each reel so that if you want to see your film with friends, you'll know what time they are going to run.

We start screening films the Monday before the Expo (Nov 14th, run through the weekend and into the week after) Finish screening all films on November 27th. So you have plenty of time to see all of the films.

Full schedule and program for the Expo is made available a week before. (November 12th roughly)

2011/10/26 2:16:01
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions Got it. I'll include both of your names on the title card. Thanks!
2011/10/25 21:03:13
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions mea culpa, maxima culpa. I meant ziggy72. beer have a beer on me.

Ps would you like us to do the credit on the screening reel as ziggy72? We are putting together the titles for each film now and want to get it right.

2011/10/25 19:26:31
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions oops, my Expo co-producer just pointed out to me via email that I left off a Muvizu film we are screening, Ronald McNamara's "Five Tips for Dumping Your Relationship". So that make 3 Muvizu films we are screening out of 14.

By the way, we accepted about 30% of all entries submitted this year.
2011/10/25 17:55:38
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions We had 14 Muvizu films submitted to the Expo this year. We decided to screen two films: Dreeko's "What's it all about" and iqi.Andre's "Gman".

My congratulations to both filmmakers. I'll be blogging on Muvizu as a platform for Machinima on our Expo blog in the coming weeks. Plus, we'll hopefully get Vince to talk at the Expo as part of the programming and share Muvizu with an international audience.

Thanks to all of you who submitted.
2011/10/18 17:16:13
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions No, we are starting to notify everyone this week and will continue into next week. With such a large list of films (185) it takes a while to get everyone notified. Everyone will be notified by Nov 1st.

Good luck!
2011/10/10 19:56:23
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions Just wanted to thank everyone who submitted films to the Expo this year. We had almost twice as many films submitted this year than last year. Some excellent work, too. Great to see the community growing and the quality of work improving. We will definitely have several Muvizu films in our screening reel this year.

Will announce screening films an jury films on our blog starting Oct 16th. Each person who submitted a film will also be individually notified.

thanks everyone!
2011/9/20 19:50:32
Some more tutorials please? Outstanding links, toonarama. Thanks for this thread!
2011/8/25 0:48:36
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions They haven't been determined yet, Dreeko, but last year we gave away $1500 in prizes and plan to spend as much. We try to choose prizes that would be useful to machinima filmmakers like microphones, recording devices, relevant software. We will announce prizes in late September early October.

We've had some good Muvizu films submitted and looking forward to more.

2011/8/21 20:49:48
Send tutorial requests to Muvizu HQ Quoling is right, the audio levels were sometimes inconsistent. If you use Audacity (or other audio application) just normalize the audio to the same level each time (-4db should work). And I very much agree that Dreeko's tuts should be on one page.
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