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2011/8/20 1:43:19
Send tutorial requests to Muvizu HQ I like your tutorials very much, Barrys. Of course, a tut on what's new focusing on only new additions would be helpful. I'm also like the 4-part create a scene tut you did, it would be great to see that in the Mivizu update. Personally, I'd like to see a more detailed tut on animation and rendering if you can fit them in.

good luck on the new version!
2011/7/19 18:20:02
Character Texture maps Fantastic tutorial! Thank you very much!
2011/7/7 7:21:32
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions The 4th annual Machinima Expo is now accepting submission to the festival which will take place online on November 19th & 20th at machinima-expo.com.

Details on submission requirements and more info on the Expo are here:


We will be screening films and awarding prizes to the most accomplished machinima submitted. Submission period lasts from July 1st to Sept 30th, 2011.

Very proud to have Muvizu as a sponsor. Thank you!
2011/7/7 7:17:48
The Garage Band Blues Episode #1... Very nice work, Mysto. Pacing, style, design, all are right on. Very amusing writing, too. Congrats! Hope you'll submit this film to the Machinima Expo this year.
2011/5/26 6:25:30
The newest Muvizu release... 64-bit version is working fine for me on Windows 7 with fairly high ATI card. Really enjoying the new additions. Great work, guys. I'm sure there will be some bugs here and there, but you'll squash em! Thank you.
2011/3/25 2:58:56
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Very creative solution. thanks for the tutorial!
2011/3/14 18:20:02
Rendering Question I tried exactly what you suggested and found settings that worked so that the characters face was smooth and looked good. Thanks for your advice.

I wonder if the engine upgrade will improve rendering a bit? Looking forward to the new Muvizu release at the end of the month.

jonbez wrote:
Its just a realtime dynamic lighting thing. Unfortunately the realtime render engine cant be perfect like prerender stuff. The only work around I found is to move your lights around abit till the problem goes away on that shot. Or add another new light with very low lighting and move its about near the bad area till it smooths out.
2011/3/14 1:05:15
Rendering Question I've been filming tests in the current Muvizu for a short film I'm working on and have encountered what I think is a rendering issue when I set the camera up for a close up with one spotlight. Here is what I'm seeing:

I have a good pc with a high end ATI Firepro card, so I don't think it's a graphics issue. I'm wondering if there are settings I can test in Muvizu to see if I can't smooth the face out a bit. I've seen films in the gallery that don't seem to have this problem.
2011/1/17 7:09:09
Hello Welcome aboard, Ice Axe. So glad to see you are interested in Muvizu. Let me know if you want to collaborate!
2011/1/7 20:36:05
newbie Yes, indeed. Welcome to Muvizu! Hope you have a lot of fun with the program. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.
2010/12/26 20:47:49
fix poor quality audio Audacity, the free audio editing program, would be a good choice for solving your problem. You can download it here:


The basic idea behind cleaning background noise is to sample the noise and then remove only the frequency that the noise occupies from your recording. Lots of ways to do this. Here's one method from the Audacity wiki on noise removal:


Good luck!
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2010/12/21 20:32:21
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) Hey, thanks so much for sharing these excellent sets. Very kind of you. Have a wonderful holiday!
2010/12/17 6:00:32
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th The MachinExpo and Muvizu would like to thank everyone for their interest in the "Holiday Hell" film contest. Although we didn't get as many entries as we'd hoped (probably due to the holidays), we do have a winning film we'd like to announce:

"Close Up" by Rollo.

We liked how well the film was shot along with the strangeness of the story. Rollo uses Muvizu well, especially in the rendering department. Congratulations to Rollo! We'll be sending Rollo a brand-new copy of Sony Vegas Pro 10, the digital video editing package, for his winning entry.

Also, Muvizu and the MachinExpo plan on hosting another competition in the spring, so stay tuned for the details.

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2010/11/23 19:43:56
Machinima Expo 2010 Information Congratulations to Vince and the crew for putting together such a great Muvizu presentation at the Expo. Barry's Intro video was just the ticket and created quite a lot of interest in machinima filmmakers who didn't know about Muvizu.

My thanks to Muvizu for sponsoring the Expo and for doing such a good job of introducing Muvizu to everyone. FYI, according to preliminary stats the Muvizu presentation on Sunday had the highest attendance around the world of all of the presenations. Just a guess right now, but at least 150 viewers at the web portal and half again viewing in Second Life. Bravo!
2010/11/21 3:31:46
Machinima Expo 2010 Information First day of the Expo went very well despite a few initial glitches. Muvizu has a nice booth in Second Life and Vincy Ryan will present the program at 10am Pacific Time tomorrow (Sunday, Nov 21st) with a brand new Intro Video followed by a Q&A. Lots of fun. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. Tune it at:


for the live video/audio feed. There is also a time converter there under "Schedule" so you can figure out what time the events are in your timezone.

Our thanks again to Muvizu for help in making the Expo a better festival.

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2010/11/20 4:45:51
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th Sure thing.

Muvizu wants you to register and upload your film to this site. Once you have done that you send me the link at expo@machiniplex.com

Holiday Hell refers to holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Veteran's Day...any holiday) that simply was a disaster for you. Instead of everything working right, everything goes horribly wrong. You can base it on an event in your own life or make up a holiday hell of your own imagination (the Christmas tree you bought was haunted....The kids all get measles on Halloween...Christmas day is the first day of the robot takeover)....get the idea?

Hope this helps
2010/11/19 17:15:59
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th thanks, jim. I've been on last minute Expo biz.

I would caution filmmakers against the 1,000,000 entries as I'll be processing them. hehehe.

Hey, Muvizu maniacs: start sending me your films!
2010/11/4 19:53:34
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to reiterate Vince's post on the current competition co-produced by the Expo and Muvizu. Some great prizes are being offered for the top 5 videos submitted (Grand Prize: Sony Vegas Pro 10) on the theme of "Holiday Hell". You can cover any holiday you like (including obscure ones like "Sandwich Day" and "National Indian Pudding Day"), but they have to be stories of holidays gone horribly wrong!

The Deadline is midnight Dec 10th. You'll need to post your movies here at muvizu.com and then send the link to the Expo in order to enter the competition. The Expo email is


And here's the Expo announcement with more details. Remember, get your videos in by Dec 10th and they must be stories on the theme of "Holiday Hell". If you have any questions contact me at the above email address or post them here! Have fun!

Muvizu is pleased to announce a machinima film compeition co-produced with the MachinExpo 2010 gang . Being the new kids on the block, we’re relieved that the choice of prizes and the whole judging process are also being handled by the Expo organisers. Thanks especially to Ricky on this count.
Anyhow, this is the deal: we’d like entrants to submit a video, of any length but animated in Muvizu, on the general theme of “Holiday Hell” (any holiday is acceptable). What was the worst holiday you’ve ever had? Well, make a film in Muivizu about it!
Clips may be post-processed and effects added using whatever software you fancy, but we are interested in entrants trying to showcase what can be done in Muvizu – the more you push its limits the better. We’d love to see your experiments. Combine live-action with Muvizu, silhouette animation, abstract animation, David Lynch-style films; anything you can imagine!
$2,000+ in Prizes will be offered and, boy, are they swell:

Grand Prize = Sony Vegas Pro 10Runner Up Prizes (4) =Entrants should register as Muvizu members at www.muvizu.com, which will allow us to contact you, and post their submission – or submissions, we don’t mind how many times you enter – under their account on our site. They should also send the urls of submitted work to the MachinExpo team at expo@machiniplex.com.
Videos must be original, unpublished works containing only material that you have created, or which is copyright-free; this applies to all images, audio tracks, music, embedded video files, dialogue and any other assets that you include in your submissions.
You must be at least 13 years old to enter the competition in your own right, but if you are a dependent member of a Muvizu gatekeeper account, your gatekeeper may submit an entry or entries on behalf of you or your group.
The judges’ decision is final, and no cash or alternative prizes are available.

Entries for the competition must be published on the Muvizu site and the film link sent to the Expo by midnight GMT on December 10.

…psssst! Hey, kid, come here a minute:
if you stop by the Muvizu Second Life booth during the Expo on Nov 20th, 21st, there will be a special content pack for the Holiday Hell Muvizu contest. Remember: only those who stop by the Muvizu booth will have access to this custom content. Stay tuned here and at Muvizu.com for the link to the Muvizu booth in Second Life.
2010/9/24 20:03:38
Machinima Expo 2010 Trailer Very nicely done. Thank you for your support!
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