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2016/3/19 12:59:06
Importing from Sketchup Hey

I am trying to import a sketchup model of cobra commander's head on sinister model hat but it appears far away
2014/8/16 16:34:13
Can someone please help me with these textures i have tried making these textures 4 these characters and i am just not good at it so can some please help me or please make these textures:
Cobra Commander
Joker sinster Face
Ra's Al Ghul
Green Lantern
i will update this in a while if u can help thank u
2014/4/19 10:53:46
Voice Actors,Writers,Composers Thanks a bill CreativelyWired i will look forward working with u
2014/2/2 13:54:54
How can i make one eye on a characters does anyone know how i can make one eye character or an eye patch
2013/8/7 13:26:52
Request Characters and thanks fo the vid
2013/8/7 13:26:30
Request Characters i will send images here
these are the characters i am trying to make can someone give me clues to make it please
2013/8/6 21:56:29
Request Characters i need help creating characters
i was wondering if anyone can help i need to know how to make
1.Deathstroke/ Slade
3.Ra's al Ghul
4. Scarecrow
5. Gijoe characters
please can someone help i readly need to know how to make or can u send them please and i will thank u heavly
2013/8/5 21:16:18
How do i make a character have one eye how do i make a character with only one eye
2013/6/5 19:19:11
Monsters How do I Create Monsters on muvizu e.g Inhumaniods (if u dont know what it means watch this
2013/6/2 11:57:50
Voice Actors,Writers,Composers bump
2013/5/26 18:06:53
SHUTDOWN CRASH ERROR PLEASE READ each time i load muvizu it lasts for 10 minutes then my entrie computer shuts down well just goes off can anyone help me
2013/2/23 19:50:32
SUPERHERO Texture tutorial what about the superhero texture
2013/2/23 19:05:11
SUPERHERO Texture tutorial Can someone tell me how to Texture a superhero texture somthin like that
2013/2/23 13:39:36
Where can i get all custom textures where can i get all the custom textures including the superheroes one
2012/9/22 17:31:27
Something is wrong with Muvizu sorry i dont know what u mean
2012/9/22 12:24:29
Something is wrong with Muvizu each time i open muvizu nothing comes up no cameras no characters no sets
like this at least the old software i download worked this one does not
2012/9/20 17:40:42
A Werid Problem with Muvizu well each time i download the new one it says
NSIS Error what does that mean
2012/9/19 19:37:27
A Werid Problem with Muvizu Each Time I Insert a new character in muvizu it comes up with this what does this mean
2012/9/16 17:41:39
Transformers or Sketchup Please Reply
2012/9/16 17:41:06
How do i look at Fourms i Have Created Please help me i need to know
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