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2012/10/8 20:13:52
Lost character voice ukBerty wrote:

Importing video into backdrops etc within Muvizu will not import the audio.

The best way to do this is to use a video editor to sync up the whole thing afterwards. Using Sony Vegas (or Windows Movie Maker - not sure) you can import video and audio independently and then move things around on the timeline.

Hope this helps

Thanks Berty ill give it ago.
2012/10/7 23:40:40
Lost character voice When i use a character as an overlay on a video. in my video editor i get no voice sound from character.
I can get the voice to work by using the voice file in the timeline, but i can't mach it up very well with lip movement, its not as good as when the clip comes from muvizu. Is there another way of not loosing the voice when the character clip is used as an overlay on vid.
2012/10/5 11:12:24
Muvizu Marco_D wrote:
Hi Mach1,

Welcome to Muvizu and to the forums.

Please let us know if you need help with anything. And if you need some hints and tips you can find some useful videos on the "How to" section of the website.


Thanks Marco.
2012/10/4 17:53:13
Muvizu InsaneHamster wrote:
Hello Mach1 and welcome to the Muvizu community!

Thank you Insane.
2012/10/4 16:19:29
Muvizu Hi all
Im new to this animation malarky, been playing around with muvizu software. So far ive found it very interesting and easy to use. need to learn a bit more about croma key and green screen ect.
ive tried a couple of over lays in video software and they worked ok but for a couple of rough edges.
I think this is a great little program. Many thanks to the guys/girls who put this little gem together.
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