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2010/8/27 14:44:33
More Keyboard Shortcuts Thanks for the answer(s). It's been a long time since I played video games on my computer (I have a game console I use instead), but the movements associated with those keys ring a bell. Looking at them now, I can see why I got 'lost' - these will definitely be handy now that I know their use though.
2010/8/27 1:34:27
More Keyboard Shortcuts I've watched the tutorials, looked all over the forum, and checked Muvizu's help section on keyboard shortcuts (which isn't very helpful). What exactly do the following keyboard shortcuts do?


I've pressed them, but more than once, I've managed to get lost, so to speak, so I right-clicked on the camera window to get my bearing again. (Maybe the D key should be replaced with a Y, since these keys are making me Q W E A S Y). Thanks for any advice...
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