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2010/7/31 14:00:28
Unable to download Muvizu at all Okay, Jim,
'Properties' gave me two different sizes and I'm not sure which one you want, so I'm including both.
Muvizu size: 479 MB (502,522,158 bytes)
Muvizu size on disk: 479 MB (502,525,952 bytes)
And, sorry to be a pain again, but that link didn't work either. It got to 97%.
Thanks again!
2010/7/29 16:31:26
Unable to download Muvizu at all It gave me a different percentage everytime, even though it was the same installer. The first time I got 95%, the second time I got 98% and the third time I got to 97%. Its so close!
Thanks for all this help,
2010/7/29 11:15:26
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi,
Sorry to be a pain again, but it didn't work. The file was the right size again, so I don't think that my connection is the problem this time either. This is annoying - I really want to use Muvizu...

2010/7/28 10:12:47
Unable to download Muvizu at all Bummer. I'm still getting the same error - anything else I can try?

2010/7/28 9:28:39
Unable to download Muvizu at all They're 479 MB; I'll try to install it again to see if my connection is any better this morning. Fingers crossed!

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2010/7/27 14:05:29
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hello Muvizu,
I have been trying since yesterday to install this piece of animation software to no avail. I firstly tried to install it on a laptop running Vista and I finally (after countless attempts) got to the installer which told me I didn't have enough room. Fair enough, I deleted things and it then told me that I had less space available than before. I'm not sure if that's the computer's fault, I wouldn't be surprised if it is because it has become useless recently.
I have been trying to install Muvizu on my Windows 7 netbook since around 9:00 this morning and every time it saved (at LEAST 6 times, probably 40 minutes each download) it failed its own integrity check. Here is the error message:
"Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include
incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the
installer's author to obtain a new copy.
More information at:
I have attempted both with Internet Explorer 8 and the latest version of Firefox. It is incredibly annoying.
I have cleared my cache as the above website suggests, I do not have any download accelerators or managers, I have not had a problem with the anti-virus blocking my software before and I do not have the nVidia firewall.
Please advise me on alternative ways to install this software without risking my computer or using the /NCRC command line switch as Muvizu looks very user-friendly but doesn't work for me. If you are unable to fix it then I'll have to find another piece of animation software.
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