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2013/3/9 20:47:33
Another problem ... Thanks!

I was a bit busy. The trick showed in the movie sent by fazz68 is great. I tried it for simulating a transmutation on a character, and it worked fine! How do I not think of it sooner? Now I can go ahead with Muvizu, for next challenges.

Direct, don't animate!
2013/2/25 20:47:13
Question Ok, look for it in the Prepare menu, then in Animation/Themes/Spooky category in Muvizu 3D.
2013/2/25 20:19:09
Another problem ... Ok, I'm back with a new worry.

It should be interesting in some movie to get a character disappears. We can change clothes or body skin color for a character, but also it should be useful to set it invisible with a simple parameter (hide/show).
That is because I would like to simulate a sort of teleportation or even a transmutation. Now I'm breaking my skull trying to duplicate a character/camera fake group and then delete the character in the duplicated one, so that it seems disappearing when activating his associated camera.
The trick should work fine. Unfortunately, the camera position and orientation relative to the character have been slightly altered with the duplication. But no, you cannot exactly (X,Y,Z) adjust them, there is nothing for that: another problem ...

Direct, don't animate!

Live Muvizu and his entire community!
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2013/2/19 20:53:41
Wanted a chicken character Thanks to quickly react to my topic, bigwally!

You are right about the necessity of using a software like SketchUp. I have it.
Even I have some other 3D softs. Honestly, they are not definitely the solution and I'm not an expert. A static unanimated chicken, no. But there is no choice for me altogether.
Trust me bigwally, with this Muvizu, I'm having fun already and I learn a lot especially!

And, Muvizu live!
2013/2/18 22:06:09
Wanted a chicken character Hello everybody,

It appears that Skullian74 is the only member who shows his real face at Muvizu world. Probably he's also the oldest guy around here. You got me!
Ok, I'm a big beginner here. Got Muvizu 3D package 2 days ago and yet published a short movie today on YouTube ("Alone in the rain"). That is my first.
Plenty of ideas running in my head. The next movie should show a chicken.
So, please help, I need a chicken as Muvizu character. I ask the Muvizu Team if they let any member to contribuate by such an addon for the app.

Thank you so much.
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