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2014/3/2 1:18:13
Asset Creation If I may.

I have been following this argument since the beginning, but have been reluctant to add my opinion. The main reason being, most of the participants of this thread are the owners of the creations of the assets.

Since I'm new, I didn't want to butt in, as I have looked at the work of the Moguls and long to produce the level of creation that they do with such apparent ease (nice work. I am in awe)

From my prospective, I think it would be a shame if the asset creation were to be infringed upon. Many of us newer users are (currently) able to download a set and look around it and see how the effects are created. We have a saying in the U.S. > "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." On the other hand I see the point of the ones who actually pay for the storage space for these great creations. Herein lies the dilemma.

But on the other side of the coin....When I first discovered Muvizu I thought it was awesome. But in the past few months I've witnessed the advent of use of other software being integrated into the assets. (like the addition of RL faces and such) I don't particularly care for these assets as it takes something away from the beauty of the original idea of Muvizu. (in other words, why can't you guys just use what they give you, and improvise?)
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2013/4/15 10:50:34
Hello Everyone. Here is something that I just finished. It's not that great, but I am still learning... I hope you like it.
2013/4/3 23:29:08
Hello Everyone. Thanks guys for the compliments. There are not very many of us working on projects ATM, but hopefully that will change in the future. I will make updates as they come. Thanks again for your support, Our community appreciates it.
2013/4/2 1:19:30
Hello Everyone. I am GeneralVeers (aka Dave Hollins) from the Cybersport English Community of Tanki Online. Here is a link to our latest acheivement. . I am looking foreward to being here and hope to meet new friends.

Until then,
I will see you on the battlefield
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