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2010/8/3 14:45:26
Error msg - first time running mcmillan-ra wrote:
Hi Guys,

Sorry to hear you're getting this message, but it is most likely your graphics cards that are causing the problem. Our minimum spec for the graphics card is a Nvidia 7800 GTX or ATI 1300 graphics card. Generally they need to have shader model 2 or above - and a floating point render target. Most new nVidia or ATI cards will have this. Many onboard graphics cards (often Intel ones) just sadly don't have the power to run the Unreal engine.

If you let me know what type of graphics cards you've got I'll confirm for you whether they will work or not.


I have the on-board Intel I am SOL until I upgrade..........

2010/8/2 21:13:17
Error msg - first time running Hey guys....I just downloaded muvizu and wanted to try it. The program installed fine but when I tried to execute it I got the following msg.

device does not support 1x32 render target format along with a bunch of other stuff..

I have a HP Pavillion with a 2.33Ghz quadcore with 2gig cache. I have a terabyte HD and 8gig of Ram running Windows 7 (64bit). I am running with the onboard video but I have had no problems running games and other graphic intensive programs........

Any assistance would be great....
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