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2013/4/18 15:35:34
Animate the rotation and scale Thanks Lev_Dynamite I will try those methods. Thanks also for being so free about possible ideas that can be implemented.
I will be looking forward to the growth of Muvizu’s possibilities.
2013/4/18 2:01:43
Animate the rotation and scale Hello guys I am new, and I am coming from Microsoft kids 3d movie maker. Out of all the quick movie making software's muvizu is most like that old software, but it lacks alot of the features that old thing has. I believe I can give good ideas to help improve muvizu. dont get me wrong Muvizu is awesome and a far cry better!! but I am sure people would like to make a tank drive over a car and squash it in this software. Big Grin

Anyway how do I animate the rotation and scale of an object or character? like in the that old windows 98 movie maker software. If this feature is not in this software animating the rotation and scale seems like a great idea, same as moving the object the same way a character is moved by the mouse.

old windows 98 3d kids movie maker software
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