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2020/8/14 0:59:29
Unable to activate a newly acquired license @MrDrWho13
Thank you for the response and for the links. Some great content at the links.

Posting this so that others having this issue will be aware.

My installation has been activated. It had nothing to do with my computer. Somehow meshmellow was able to do something on their end that made the activation work. Their initial responses to me were to run as administrator, disable virus protection, re-install, install as administrator and run as administrator. None of that worked and was a waste of time.
After they did whatever it is they did on THEIR end, I simply ran the program normally (not as administrator) and entered the activation code and it worked.

It is really apparent that meshmellow does not have it's act together. Thankfully there is a user community for support of this.
It's a shame that legitimate development on this software has not continued.

For any new users that read this thread and are having installation issues, here are some email addresses you can try for support:


support@meshmellow.cn pretty much just returned canned messages with no legitimate assistance.

Good luck.
2020/8/13 10:32:31
Unable to activate a newly acquired license Is there anyone in the user community that can help?

I have already followed the wiki (
http://muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/134/licence-error-e2 )

I have also uninstalled, rebooted, disabled my anti-virus protection, re-installed as administrator, run as administrator and re-attempted the activation. Still returns the E2 error.

Anyone go through this and get it resolved?

Reaching out to support at meshmellow.cn has been futile. They suggested I run as administrator - even though my message to them was that I had already run as administrator. Seems to be a canned response.

Anyone? I have feeling I just wasted $69
2020/8/13 9:07:40
Unable to activate a newly acquired license Win Pro 10 64 bit.
Unable to activate my license. E2 error.
I tried rebooting and running as administrator - no difference.

What is the secret to activating a license?
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