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2013/5/16 5:11:37
Urgent help on dialogue - talk and 'shushu' urbanlamb wrote:
you need to prepare the audio per character
so go into audio find it and remember the name
then click prepare and dialogue and then you will have the list of characters and select each character and assign the dialogue. Usually I start with them all shushed.
then go to the direct menu and direct the dialogue and choose each character and direct for each character where you want them to pause and talk.

unless i am not getting something the reason its all talk or shush is because you haven't directed the dialogue so its at the default setting picked for a character

Thanks. I know how to do right now
2013/5/12 20:53:38
Urgent help on dialogue - talk and 'shushu' urbanlamb wrote:
hi there

you need to go into the prepare menu and prepare each character and then run the dialogue for each character using direct and shush them in the right place

here is a tutorial the interface might be slighly different but the instructions are the same and you will recognize what to do..


thanks for your reply
but i want to use a conversation with all the dialogues like the example given in the video
however, the whole timeline is marked as 'talking' or 'shush' when i try to do so
I want to have an alternative talking and shush
is it possible? as i see from the video...

I wonder if anything is wrong in setting or else.
2013/5/12 19:57:15
Urgent help on dialogue - talk and 'shushu' I have made one single conversation with multiple dialogues (mp3).
However, I cant make the character's mouth movement stop when others are talking.

and the timeline is marked as talking through the whole conversation.. I want both 'talk' and 'slience'
I am nearly collapsed for that as I have to hand in my animation in short time... plz help me >< thanks a lot

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