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2013/5/18 12:34:53
Windows 8 Import problem Here is a link to the file. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B17ooJ4HyNclQkRpaW1EbE5ONU0/edit?usp=sharing

I've noticed that the .skp file is 193kb, but the .ase file is 0.

So looks like somethings gone wrong in the conversion.
2013/5/18 9:43:38
Windows 8 Import problem Hi,

I think I have.

It all seems to go well until I get to the import into Muvizo, from Create Character, Import, I can browse to the .ase file, click on OK and then I get the message that the file can't be found. Which is weird considering it let me browse to it.
2013/5/17 22:27:35
Windows 8 Import problem Hi,

I'm trying to import files from Sketchup, which I have placed on a folder called in C://Documents/Folder A, when I go to import the file from Muvizo it tells me that it cant find the file but it's looking in a new folder within A, called B. The name of the file has also been changed from 'Cat' to 'Cat_X'.

Basically it seems to be changing the name of the folder, and creating a new folder within the original location.

I am using Windows 8 so I'm wondering if that's causing the issue.

Advice appreciated.

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