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2013/11/23 10:04:34
How do u put together a tga sequence Thanks for your help guys.
2013/11/21 20:10:35
How do u put together a tga sequence I've saved my file as a tga but i can't find anything that will edit it together. Plz help me.
2013/6/2 11:09:09
Crashed randomly and lost 1-2 hours work Muvizu crashed on me a few times as well.
I happened to have imported pictures onto a backdrop.
If you could give me some advice then that would be lovely.

2013/5/30 15:29:04
Does Muvizu accept audio jack? I've just been making a school project with Muvizu.
I'd noticed that when I try to record my voice it won't pick up my recording, when I play it back it is silent.
I know it's not my microphone because I can hear my voice loud and clear.
I happen to have an audio jack connection I was wondering if that was the problem, if not, is there a way of registering my microphone.
If neither of those is the problem then it must just be my computer or my client.


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