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2010/11/14 17:46:44
Error saving set file Neil wrote:

Have you tried the new Bleeding Edge version of Muvizu? Although it has known issues, it also has many bug fixes that have been addressed since the previous release, including (I believe) the ones that Jon reported above. You can install both versions on your computer, as long as you install them into different directories.

If the Bleeding Edge version has the same problem, can you send us a copy of a broken .SET file to Please include a link to this thread and mark it for my attention and we'll work to address the issue for you.

thanks for the suggestion, I actually came up with the same idea this afternoon and it appears to fix the problem!
2010/11/14 8:39:29
Error saving set file This is now becoming a major problem for me as every file is eventually corrupt. I don't know what the trigger is but it appears to be related to an OS shutdown. If I work on a file without a full OS shutdown its fine, if I hibernate its also fine but if I use the shutdown function the file is corrupt and won't save. When the file is in this state I can continue to edit it and produce videos, I just can't save it!

I have Win7 64bit Professional,

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated,

2010/10/30 7:55:55
Error saving set file ELSIBOB wrote:
Neil wrote:
Hey Jon,

Can you re-save the sets if you don't change anything? If so, what sort of changes are you making before trying to save?

If you want, you can send us the .SET files that are causing the problem and we'll have a look at them for you. Mail them to and we'll see what's causing the problem.


I have exactly the same problem and it happens randomly with various files. Did you manage to find a solution or what the problem is?


2010/10/23 7:40:55
Robot interview and matters arising Just to add an option to the voice sound track, what I do is use the sound effects track for the initial dialogue. This allows me to get the timing correct. When I am happy with the overall movie and speech, I then create the video. I then use this video to load into the single dialogue track. Then delete the duplicate individual speech from the effects track.
2010/10/17 13:08:36
Camera and Audio tutorials - a few comments hi

I discovered the single track issue, for dialogue, at the end of making a
long movie. What I did was create the video and at the end import the avi as
the dialogue sound track. Then I deleted each individual sound component. This
makes timing significantly easier!

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