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2017/4/1 22:00:38
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? PatMarrNC wrote:

I see! I have so many lines in the house though... will check it out! Thanks!
2017/4/1 21:36:38
iClone 5.5 3D Give Away of the Day 31/03/2017 Thanks! I bet your right about that time zone thing! It crossed my mind...
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2017/4/1 20:42:24
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? theotherguy wrote:
Thanks Ikes but I'm better off using individual walls as I'm recreating an actual room and given the 1024 x 1024 limit of textures I think making a wrap-around texture will be too grainy. Pat, I've modified one existing set file "Modern Apartment Black and White" by Rakbru quite a bit, I'm using it in an upcoming short. I wish I had the skills that he/she does, it's just amazing.

I've managed with trial and error (with an emphasis on error!) to get my own set sorted out. I have locked everything down and won't mess with it again. Once it's depopulated I'll offer it for others to use.

I had the same idea, and started building it in SketchUp! My problem is when I export it as .ase with the plugin o course, it comes out with strange shadows on it. Thought about exporting it to Collada, bringing it into Blender and exporting it to .fbx, or maybe .ase with the new export plug in, but haven't gotten that far.

Edit: Tried using FBX converter but couldn't put furniture in it. Collision issues I guess, but I could put a character in it.
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2017/4/1 3:05:21
iClone 5.5 3D Give Away of the Day 31/03/2017 Witchy wrote:
Only free for 24 hours

iClone is a real time 3D animation and rencdering software program that enables users to make 3D animated films.
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Tried to install it. 6 hours left on giveaway and said license was expired.
2017/3/19 18:09:14
Help loading video..... Rodrisilva wrote:
This washed color appears in animated textures on imported objects too .
A way to bypass this is to use a second backdrop and a camera pointing to first backdrop containing original video. Assign this camera to second backdrop then adjust the brightness in camera properties.

Wow! Thanks for that! I was thinking that through. Makes sense! You're the best!
2017/3/19 10:47:20
Help loading video..... Rodrisilva wrote:
That's true
I think it's a Muvizu backdrop settings issue because if you look to video in any editor you will see that color is normal. If you go to camera properties window >> adjustment >> brightness bar and you choose a percentage around 30% you will figure out what I mean.

I see what you mean! It's a transparent video so I think it's more washed out than a normal video. Thanks!
2017/3/18 10:23:01
Help loading video..... Rod, Got it to work, but has that washed out look I tried turning the light but it's still washed out any fix for that? (Looks darker before I put it on Muvizu)
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2017/3/6 11:45:00
Transparent Video ikes wrote:
Hi Doby,

Can you try to download and open this island from Rod, it uses transparent video on the waves. You can then determine if it's muvizu or your video not working. The waves should not be black in this set.

Smart idea! But, I don't have the required key frame pack yet to open it

EDIT: FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK! It was compression of the png file. Thank you for helping me! Hurray!
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2017/3/6 3:27:19
Transparent Video Rodrisilva wrote:
Check if m_bStripVideoAlpha=False in both DefaultGame.ini and MuvizuGame.ini and try again. If it won't work it will be for sure a video issue.

Thanks Rod! Sadly, both false
2017/3/5 15:49:39
Transparent Video Tried using png and tga files from photoshop, putting them into virtual dub using these settings

save as .avi, pull it into mz on a backdrop, but what I get is upside down and not transparent. I have the setting in config file set to false.

Directions were for Sketch up model, but I was hoping I could put it on a backdrop.
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2017/3/3 5:13:14
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. clayster2012 wrote:
I have already accomplished the turning wheel in key frame, in your modeling program you have to make sure you have the axis in the right position before you import it into muvizu, if we removed the physics from muvizu then we wouldn't have gravity which I myself find very useful,it saves us the time of animating a falling object and makes the job easier for all of us, the collision is useful also, what if we wanted something to impact with another object or when it falls and hit the ground, without collision the object will keep going, no impact, so at the point of collision that would be a cue point to animate or add an effect, and that's where your video editing software comes handy,but if I was to change anything for the collision, that would be to add a feature that will allow us to adjust the physic and collision, also you have to remember the purpose of muvizu, its was aimed at those who don't know much about animation, and gives a helpful push to those who always wanted to animated their own cartoon, you take that away from muvizu then you take away the ability to animate from those who needs it, so leave the actions in there, they are most needed, I'm sure the muvizu team have plans to add more actions, I have no problems with the timeline and see nothing that should be changed, for the dialogue to be multi, it is possible, i have done it in Alien grey, unless you want the character to say different thing at the same time, and for action in the time lines, not sure what you mean, but the further you place the key frames in the timeline the slower the animation will be, the closer the faster it will, if that's what you mean, i'm not trying to be a butt, but muvizu wasn't meant only for advance users, it was meant to help people do something that the always wanted to and didn't have the money to take learning classes, in fact muvizu is a class in it's self, so if muvizu isn't something that suits your needs then I would say look at toon Boom or some other advance animating software.

I agree wholeheartedly Clayster. Well put.
2017/3/2 6:28:38
Editing costumes in house muvizu control. ikes wrote:

Hi Drewi,

In windows config you can change the default program to edit png files. You can also, after you click edit in muvizu go to this folder in C:\users
\AppData\Local\Temp. There you will find the muvizu_0.png which still has the transparency intact. You can then edit this in photoshop and save it to a location on your drive. After that you import it back in muvizu with the transparency.

Did not know I could edit from Muvizu like that! Yes, I ran into the same problem. Copying that temp file worked perfect! Thanks!
2017/2/24 4:50:32
Assets with characters holding an item ikes wrote:

As known, props in user assets in the store can not be detached and atached to other characters or used in the scene seperately, so maybe it's an idea to upload sets with at least all the basic characters holding the item, one in both hands and as a single item in the scene. You can then change the character holding the item to fit your character you use in your scene and in which hand he /she holds it or to use it as a seperate item in your scene. But I'm not sure how to communicate that to the uploaders, since not everyone will read this topic.

2017/1/19 8:13:07
Muvizu on Steam MrDrWho13 wrote:
If you're looking for free Steam games, download Team Fortress 2. Some of us have 1400hrs clocked on it. Twitchy

Play it all the time!
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