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2016/10/9 6:57:28
Muvizu Hot Rod for the store Since we don't have forum section for this I'll just post it here.
2016/10/6 16:22:38
More Star Wars? Thinks Ziggy, my passion is taking over me I'm!
2016/10/6 15:57:50
More Star Wars? Lol.. Again started to work on Alien Grey and I couldn't help but thinking about Star Wars and how difficult it would be to make Kylo Ren, the new storm trooper was actually easier to make then the old trooper which has less detail,even Kylo isn't that difficult,that's until I got to the cloth hood that got me mind boggled, but I figured out a way to make it work, now to finish him up!
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2016/10/6 15:14:35
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... I would like to add that my 2nd Fantasy Pack is now available in the store.
2016/10/6 5:54:34
More Star Wars? while working on a new episode of Alien Grey and creating the effects for the alien technology, I realized how much I miss making Star Wars spoofs,so I started to work on new Characters, but not sure if I should continue the path to the funny side or not, but if I do that means a whole cast of free characters for the store.
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2016/9/27 1:33:17
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) I'm glad exporter worked for you, even though I have 3d Studio Max , I find myself using the exporter alot when I model with 3d Milkshape, I'm looking forward in seeing your final make on the Beefy Beer Bellies, good luck on it!
2016/9/26 17:18:40
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) I could take a stab at it, that's my temporary handicap will allow me that is, but once I finish my next video I'll see what could be done!
2016/9/18 23:52:54
An unfinished Star wars spoof project. Hey don't feel responsible, in most cases you were right, I needed to work on my own thing, and to be able to sell my stuff I make, and its been working out good so far, not as mush as I was expecting, but sells are coming along slowly but surely, I make sure I let it known that Star Wars is the property Of Disney and that its nonprofit, and people for years have been making fan films on youtube and seem to get away with it, they would have to sue lot of people if they did that, I'm a big fan just like them that expresses their love for Star Wars but I make sure i'm careful, and I have been thinking about just redoing the whole thing by myself, and just throw all of my talent and know how into, right now I have been doing a complete Key Frame At At walker battle for this spoof, and already have 15 hours into it, but if I don't decide to redo it, I'll just make the At At scene a video to it's self.
2016/9/18 0:13:56
An unfinished Star wars spoof project. Thanks ikes, well my adopted brother is really doing all of the intros and most of the writing, it sort of a two man project, he's a lot younger then me and still in high school, and he's a special needs person but he's is really into this sort of thing, to tell you the truth he kind of wrote the story on this, he seen my other two star wars and wanted to do one, after he had done the text scroll I really didn't want to hurt his feels because he's very touchy about it, after a while he seen all of the other star wars that I have done he realized that there was a lot of mistakes, so he gave up on helping me with the rest, I guess this is what got my interest down to a stand still, ever since I didn't want to do any more star wars, that's why I put all of my star wars characters in the store, but then I realized something, should I let this go to waist, or should I redo everything, his ideas are really cool, like me he was taking the whole part of the Hoth Battle and making it funny, the part that you mentioned about them falling out of the snow Speeder was that they forgot to fasten their seat belt and lock the cockpit hatch and the door flies open and they fall out, I tried not to let him think he wasn't doing a good job, but I wanted this to be our project, but he left it, before I posted what we had done he didn't want his name mentioned, he's really touchy and being his condition I didn't fuse, and for me I have a problem of getting some of my words mixed up or I'll spell them backwards, I been like that since I was younger, but now I always have some to make sure I don't do that before I show it, I guess I have what you call dysgraphia

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2016/9/17 18:55:34
An unfinished Star wars spoof project. right at the end in the rebel base is where I never edited the sound effects.
2016/9/17 18:42:38
An unfinished Star wars spoof project. Well as yaw all know that I was doing star wars spoofs a while back, and I started a large spoof after my third one, but then I did other spoofs before this one was even finished, and then other projects came around and I store this one on my OneDrive and forgot all about it, and when I was looking through my OneDrive files I looked at it and said why didn't I ever finish this, I guess I lost interest in doing anymore star wars spoofs, don't get me wrong I'm still a really big fan, I was going to make this my final star wars spoof but not sure if I really should finish it since I done moved on to other things, so i decided to go ahead and share what I have made of it, maybe yaw can tell me if its worth finishing, and if so my interest needs a!

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2016/9/16 17:37:07
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Very nice video ikes you did a really good job on putting it together and making it fit the radio play, I use do to that when I first started animating back in collage, we did a lot of projects based off radio plays and turning them into cartoons, after that we had to use our own ideas but still based them off radio plays and we would have to write our own stories and use our own voice actors, we we'r all assigned as teams of 4 people to make our projects, but seeing that muvizu can do the same thing here, makes me glad that we have a tool like muvizu helping people learn the same skills that I learned and it's easier to use, and seeing you use the same method I used back then just brought back memories, even though creating a cartoon from old recordings is still an effective way of story telling and I do recommend doing it this way for learning,anyways I loved your video ikes keep up the good work!
2016/9/15 21:45:48
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 tonyob67 wrote:
ikes wrote:

OMG....Clayster and you should not be alowed on the contest....hahahaha bowrofl THIS IS OWESOME

2016/9/15 21:34:41
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Hey Pat here's another entry, not sure how many we can do but if not you don't have to consider it, I did it in 20 minutes with some stuff I made a while back, it's a very short spoof of my version of Jurassic Park, its that scene where they lowered the cow in the raptor paddock, don't worry the cow wasn't!
2016/9/13 22:13:25
Greek philosophers My pleasure, glad to help!
2016/9/13 7:23:52
A new set that I'm working on for the muvizu store tonyob67 wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
This is just my ad for my up coming muvizu set for the store, just make sure the bathroom is close by before you watch it, just a!

This video is a contest winner....I literally jumped of my seat when the raptor appears.....Exellent job

Thanks tonyob67, I had to change my shorts when I watch the final render, didn't realize I made a jump scare, no really I didn'!
2016/9/13 7:20:38
A new set that I'm working on for the muvizu store Rocque wrote:
Clayster you are one of the best here for all you create and share, but I think I already said that. I know about day jobs getting in the way of our fun. Well we have to keep paying our electric bill and have a roof over our head so we can have fun, right?

Lol... your right Rocgue, plus I wouldn't I have internet to share with everyone if I didn't work, and thanks for the nice comment, oh and nice video for the contest you enter, great job!
2016/9/13 7:17:00
A new set that I'm working on for the muvizu store Rocque wrote:
Wow, awesome introduction. It looks like I am here at the right time with all these creative and sharing minds. Now, just to come up with a good story line. The tools are definitely here.

Thanks Clayster for sharing your talent with us.

Anytime Rocque, I love doing this!

and your most welcome!
2016/9/13 6:56:04
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Hey everyone here's a picture of the raptor set that Pat will be giving as a prize, just thought I would give everyone a gander of it, it will come with everything you see!

2016/9/12 21:46:19
Greek philosophers Here ya go maybe these guys can help, well I hope they can, I made theses a while back but never used them, I mod them to look like what you got,are close to them.

heres a download link, if it doesn't work I can email them to you.

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