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2016/7/10 6:13:14
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Got It pat, My judges are scoping it out now, but when all of the other submissions are in at the end, we are going to watch then again to decide the winner.
2016/7/10 4:40:44
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Rocque wrote:
Heap good set you build for nice home for Chief and squaws. We will watch many new days and nights turn while we have pow wows with mighty leaders and dance to our gods for lasting peace and abundant crops with the occasional buffalo herds not stampeding. May the thorns of the passing tumbleweeds never fall at your feet brave animator Chief.

Lol..thanks Rocque, Hey That was good, nicely put!
2016/7/10 4:36:28
Realistic Water Fall Here's a little sneak peek at something I was working on for the muvizu store, I hope everybody needs one.

Lol.. I just Realized I spelled presents wrong... Lol....guess I been editing way too!

Here's a closer look

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2016/7/10 0:59:58
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) I'm not really sure but I think on youtube you can set the video to privet, and then maybe you can give me the link.
2016/7/9 17:52:28
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) PatMarrNC wrote:
no you must of spilled your!

uh... that's probably true Clayster... I'm always drinking coffee when I'm on the computer, and I'm very clumsy

on a different topic:
there's a contest for song writers every February that requires participants to write a new song every day for the month... 28 songs in 28 days. Most song writers labor over their babies forever, never feeling like it's finished yet. This contest forces them to create the HABIT of creativity, and people swear that the contest helps to get over the fear of releasing their songs.

This doesn't mean that we should encourage people to submit inferior work by rushing them with deadlines... rather it means that we agree to differentiate between EXERCISES (which help us to learn in a friendly and less-critical environment) and FINISHED PRODUCTS (which might be submitted to a customer, and need to be free from obvious flaws)

It has been my observation that people who are afraid to take risks and learn from their mistakes tend to give up before they ever reach the degree of proficiency they are capable of achieving. For that reason, anything we can do to encourage one another to take creative risks on a regular basis is good for all of us. If we practice regularly, expertise will inevitably follow in time.

True that its why I stated if there needs to be more time, then I'll add it, I don't want everyone to rush, i'm a second chance person, and I also mention that the videos don't have to look like a blockbuster Hit, it's imagination and their way of telling stories that I'm looking for, and this contest is to see what kind of humor everyone has, me I love to laugh, Im always telling jokes everywhere I go, and hearing jokes from others even puts more of a smile on my face, and I'm just wondering who here on the forum or anyone can make me laugh the hardest!
2016/7/9 17:39:22
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting PatMarrNC wrote:
WOW, Clayster, that looks awesome <-(imagine two exclamation points here... stupid keyboard won't make one)

I like everything about it... where do you get your ideas for your scenes? I wouldn't even know where to start....

Can't wait to see your video, and especially looking forward to hearing the voice acting talents of the various forum friends

lol...the ideas have always been there, I'm looking back at my old comics strips I did back in high school, this is where I'm writing my scripts from. Oh and get you a new keyboard, their cheap now a days!!
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2016/7/9 16:41:47
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Update: well finger Pistols is coming a long slowly but great, as I work on directing scenes, I'm coming close to the end of the first Saloon scene, and thanks to the help of MarcKennedy for doing an excellent job on the voices of Quick Jack, and Robo James, I'm wrapping it up on schedule, even though he's has a lot more lines later throughout the whole movie, I'll be getting Rocque to help finish the scene with the voice of Jamie Jane, as she introduces herself to Jake in a Like what she see's!, and then the next scene will introduce Red Dead Mcgrow with PatMarrNC as his voice, in the mean time I have started construction on the Indian Village set, I always like to work on other things for the movie while I wait to finish the others, anyways the Indian Village is still a wip, it's coming along great, and it will be the scene where Jake gets guidance from Setting Sun, and Chief Pow Wow after waking up from a brawl.

here's a pic of the Village so far.

2016/7/9 16:07:19
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) PatMarrNC wrote:
Rocque wrote:
Thanks for the kind words, Clayster. I learned so much from this competition. I have probably said that more than once, but I am not sure if I would have another animation finished if it was not for this event. Thanks for hosting it. I look forward to seeing what everyone enters. It will be fun to see the different takes on humor.

I'm a member of a bunch of different creative forums, and a common theme among creative types is the difficulty of getting inspired enough to continue making projects and honing production skills.

To that end, contests and challenges create a reason for people to create new content by a specific deadline. Some contests go so far as to require the completion of many projects in a short period of time, which forces artists to abandon the fear of releasing something that isn't perfect in every way. Such contests are about keeping up momentum, which leads to more familiarity with the creative process and the software being used in it.

It's like the photographer who takes a thousand pictures to get one award-winning shot, most artists of all kinds benefit from practice. They can always go back later and refine the ideas that "worked" as a rushed contest entry

All of my videos so far have been exercises along those line... and there are mistakes and flaws in all of them... but I see that as being a necessary part of keeping up my momentum in order to learn how all this stuff works.

I look forward to seeing all the videos that get submitted for the Clayster's contest

(there should be an exclamation point at the end of that last sentence, but my keyboard won't make it... must be toast crumbs...)

no you must of spilled your!
2016/7/9 2:49:51
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Ok everyone, Rocque Has just made the first entry with her submission,and she did a wonderful job, let's more submissions everyone!
2016/7/9 2:46:52
Free Money! Ok its still isn't in the store so tell ya what , heres a download link to the set and the models.

Muvizu Set:

Rar File to the models:

all of the models are ase format

2016/7/9 0:18:21
Free Money! Seems like only if I sell, it gets posted
2016/7/8 22:28:59
Free Money! yea but for some reason its not in the store yet.
2016/7/8 5:01:50
Free Money! That's correct you heard right, it seems I made way too much money this year, So I'm sharing it with everyone.

It should be in the store by tomorrow.
2016/7/8 0:51:56
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater urbanlamb wrote:
if your using one texture/material your going to run into alpha sorting for an object like that. You might get rid of it if you use double sided for the glass and single sided for the liquid. This is a visual bug that is present in a lot of older stuff (a reason why fbx became popular it was designed to get rid of this problem).

separate the textures and materials as well two textures/two materials, no alpha mask, fbx.

Its a proximity issue the graphics card doesnt know which to display so it just well does that.
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already happen, I just did away with it, and went with the beer glass in muvizu
2016/7/7 14:26:25
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater primaveranz wrote:
That certainy looks hopeful, but my proper had several groups some opaque and one transparent. I tried using separate materials for the groups and then merging them all in to a single group before exporting to ASE. I also tried a single material with transparent parts and merging, And in both cases I tried "use ID textures" and "don't use" but when I get it into Muvizu it is either partially transparent all over or not at all, and I can only apply a colour not a material in game. Will try again later but I can't think of another variation of choices to use.

Well Im trying different ways to get it to work the way I wanted, and I did the separate materials and merging them as a singel group to, and got the effect of the texture mixed all together on the whole model, in finger pistols Im trying to make a mug full of beer for the saloon scene, I tried numerous way to get the transparent to work, so what I did was in paint. net I used layers, and and put transparent on the layers that needed it, the flatten the image to one image again, then used it as the texture for the beer, and this is my end results.

still not what Im looking for though.
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2016/7/7 3:03:37
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater primaveranz wrote:
Yeah if ASE could handle transparencies and opaque materials in the same model it would be fine, but I guess we have to wait for the FBX fix. There is a really good (and cheap) electronic manual called "Hands on Milkshape" that I bought from several years ago, really gets you going quickly.

Transparencies,you mean sort of like this, I made a quick cylinder shape in milkshape then used to make a red texture, cut off two ends using the wand, then added it to texture the cylinder, so one side would be transparent, imported the ase to muvizu using the Opacity selected in the Map alpha to tab, and use ID textures in the ID textures tab, also imported the same Cylinder using the same texture, but didn't use Opacity in the map Alpha to tab, not sure if this is what your talking about, but Milkshape did the job on transparency.
2016/7/7 1:33:19
Finger Pistols Crack ups ( Ground joke) PatMarrNC wrote:

Clayster, you ain't right! (And I mean that in a good way....)

Thanks, just trying to make everyone laugh, besides working all of my time on the finger pistols movie, I figured I needed to post something.
2016/7/7 1:29:43
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater PatMarrNC wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
I finally got a reply from the creator of milkshape, it seems his job has been keeping him tide from having alot of time to work on milkshape, but he's planning on a vacation to finish the updates that he never got to release yet, he also told me that milkshape is still under development and the fbx exporter will have new updates as soon as he gets the time to add them

awesome... maybe I need to give it a try. I downloaded it months ago and never installed it due to learning curve overload (which is still a problem)... but if it ends up with functional ASE and FBX export, it could become the modelling solution of choice for Muvizu users. And at $35 it's even priced like Muvizu...

I have version 1.8.5, and it dose have a full functional ASE that can export with textures, this is what I been using for most of everything I been putting in muvizu, I made all of the star wars characters using ASE export in milkshape, now the FBX export is the one he is still working on, although it dose export the files without any problems, but still don't have the function to export with textures.
2016/7/6 13:25:58
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater So milkshape is still alive
2016/7/6 13:24:45
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater I finally got a reply from the creator of milkshape, it seems his job has been keeping him tide from having alot of time to work on milkshape, but he's planning on a vacation to finish the updates that he never got to release yet, he also told me that milkshape is still under development and the fbx exporter will have new updates as soon as he gets the time to add them
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