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2013/7/30 16:58:52
[?] How is this done? urbanlamb wrote:
okay that guy really is holding something there is an enterprise version of muvizu and some other stuff happening in the background and yeah that is a leak *cough* of hand held props lol.

I knew it! there had to be something up... I was just thinking that there was some information being held back somewhere
2013/7/30 16:30:11
[?] How is this done?

I keep seeing videos made with movizu were it seems like characters actually are holding stuff, same is done in the videos made by those TVpigs (hilarious)

I would really like it if those people just made a video on how they did something like that
2013/7/27 12:46:03

But it still not that hard right
2013/7/18 21:59:07
Sketchup to Muvizu I figured :P

But if hey put it in that google library doesn't that mean you can use it automaticly?

And really only stuff you make yourself

And yes I should have removed that logo :P Its in a picture file... so it can be edited out.
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2013/7/18 20:57:37
Sketchup to Muvizu Yes it worked, had to figure it out but very easy once yu got it. Thank you dreeko.. This model is op for review and I got it from the sketchup warehouse..I wonder...if it will pass... On this model you change even more colors than on the other one.

2013/7/14 18:16:15
Hats importing/ hahaha got it
2013/7/14 2:49:34
Random requests! They cameras can move...

I'd like the lights to move as well.
2013/7/14 2:47:02
Hats importing/ MrDrWho13 wrote:
I don't think this would be possible because of the strange way Muvizu was put together.

(Using a game engine etc)

Team Fortress 2 is also a game, they pulled it of
2013/7/14 2:44:03
New character? No problem I am just participating
2013/7/14 2:42:20
Lots of websites and resource for music

Check out the links in this video
2013/7/13 21:27:01
New character? Dances moves: Macarena, Hokie-pokie

And I wouls like it if characters could march
2013/7/13 21:25:45
New character? Hi,

I would like human characters but then more like sim characters...realistic...
2013/7/13 13:32:04
[?] How is this done? MrDrWho13 wrote:
The headsets are done by tilting one of the pairs of glasses.

2013/7/13 13:31:33
[?] How is this done? urbanlamb wrote:
The only guns i see are from the clips that are filmed in gears of war. This is a composite two guys are playing a game and they are cutting to gears of war footage inside the game and back to muvizu again.

I see them talking en moving, you mean thats just a scene from that game? lol
2013/7/13 2:14:48
My first short project for youtube [Dutch] Thanks
2013/7/13 2:11:52
[?] How is this done?

Characters are moving and are holding guns?? Are they modding?
2013/7/10 16:37:33
My first short project for youtube [Dutch] And the walk effects... Funny how you really find out what's it like to be a director with Muvizu!! (qoute can be used as testimony lol )
2013/7/10 16:34:44
My first short project for youtube [Dutch] Thanks guys.. I love the way Muvizu handles the lighting and camera realisticly... I mad a little mistake because Cam 1 actually was a saved favorite and I forgot about that so the other cams do not match that visual haha
2013/7/10 15:23:38
Harlem shake ghost house edition Awesome!
2013/7/10 14:36:53
My first short project for youtube [Dutch] Basicly I am new to Muvizu. Just 3 days ago I became a member.

This is my first try and the learning curve to movizu is just amazingly low. I did not add music yet,

This is a simple video with a guy explaining why I haven't made more videos for Youtube yet. I got a message from somebody asking this and ( I kid you not) made a short clip that day and uploaded it the same day. (yesterday that was)

A known issue is the lipsync thats off in the beginning ( I thought because of bad pronounciation) BUT I think I get away with it because the voice is different from the voice when it does work.

So Some dude explaines and tells you to subscribe to my channel. I spoil this because it is in Dutch! (Where are you Dutch guys?)

I love the timeline editor!!
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