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2013/3/25 15:51:42
import objects from elsewhere? There is a whole section on the forum called importing 3d assets.
Check it out.
2013/3/25 13:41:12
help - PUBLISHING VIDEO - please! I see delirium has set in Neil!
2013/3/25 7:31:35
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? Possibly.. Never really thought of hero movies as sci-fi for some reason although technically I suppose they are.
I was thinking more along the star trek/star wars aliens etc line!
2013/3/24 19:45:12
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? Hmmnn A space epic....I've not done sci-fi yet!

2013/3/24 19:38:39
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? yes. A backdrop scaled up (possible the curved one!) and your objects and characters scaled down to maximise the backdrop's effect.

That's how I see it anyhoo!

2013/3/24 19:36:13
help - PUBLISHING VIDEO - please! urbanlamb wrote:
I cant remove the watermark!

Patience... you will be able to very soon (so we hear!)
2013/3/24 17:26:55
help - PUBLISHING VIDEO - please! Yeah Zig. This one floats to the surface on a regular basis. Some things just won't flush away!
2013/3/23 16:45:48
Batman.. Where are you? Thanks Doc!
2013/3/23 13:27:29
Batman.. Where are you? Latest vid from me!
Batman.. Where are you?

Hope you enjoy, share etc!

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2013/3/23 13:22:28
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? I see your point Berty, but I'd like to be able to try both!

2013/3/17 15:50:50
Muvizu Play Launch! bigwally wrote:
What we want to know is the future of Muvizu "as it moves out of beta" and how it affects it's users.

What we saw last night was "Muvizu Play" which is to be the free version of Muvizu with an option for watermark removal for a small fee at the point of render.
2013/3/17 12:10:03
Muvizu Play Launch! Thanks Muvizu for a great night!

Finally put faces to names!

Barry gave a presentation on the history of Muvizu and where it's heading now. Then we watched some jaw dropping sneak previews from Ziggy72's Sammamish flick and Rodney and Berty's Eye of Amun Ra blockbuster!..Can't wait for these!

We were given a tour of the Muvizu HQ where we were shown some of the new Muvizu Play features (coming to a computer near you soon!)

All in all there were good laughs, great food (and drink!) and even greater company from the best users and software company there is.

Thanks again Muvizu!
2013/3/15 17:36:27
adapt prebuilt 3d cities environment with muvizu Don't know if this is spam or not but it looks pretty cool!
2013/3/12 19:04:40
Coming Soon... looking good as ever Zig!
2013/3/12 17:07:45
Storytelling KerryK wrote:
OOOOOHHHH!!! Hipster Dreeko liked it before it was rubbish (Last summer)

rock on
2013/3/12 15:43:28
Storytelling And here it is in image form!

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2013/3/7 15:55:21
What's on the Pig? jonbez wrote:
How come the pig has better shat on it than all my 100 and whatever virgin channels. How much a month is it for one of then pigs.

Another belter dreeko.
edited by jonbez on 07/03/2013

I think you'd be better with a shatellite from Sty! Lol!
2013/3/7 11:56:15
What's on the Pig? The idea for this one came from too many pints one night in the local pub..
It was funny then...
2013/3/7 9:08:36
What's on the Pig? A little surreal this one,

What's on the Pig?

Warning! Contains Scottish accents!

Hope you enjoy, comment share etc!

2013/3/6 16:33:50
Iron Man 3 Thanks for this Kim!
great vid!

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