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2013/2/1 10:32:43
Paperman from Pixar
2013/1/30 15:06:24
Random requests! If you have the lighting expansion pack installed there is a green screen set within that available too.

2013/1/29 10:05:46
Coming Soon... Wow there's a blast from the past!
How long ago did I record this for you Dylly?
Seems like years ago now!

Looking forward to seeing what you've created!

2013/1/28 19:10:15
Noah and the Empty Ark Well they were penguins who's irish voices came from a Scottish guy so it stands to reason that my own accent crept in!lol!
2013/1/28 12:27:45
Noah and the Empty Ark Marco_D wrote:
Another brilliant creation Dreeko

Excellent work on the Penguins!


Thanks Marco!
Who doesn't love a grumpy Irish penguin?..
2013/1/28 10:18:42
Noah and the Empty Ark Dreeko wrote:
Thanks Eef!
This is actually the second version uploaded. First one neeeded a good tweaking!


Much like my spelling ...neeeded! ...Doh!
2013/1/27 13:37:08
Coming Soon... Oh yes! Put me down for one too!
2013/1/27 9:12:48
Noah and the Empty Ark Thanks Eef!
This is actually the second version uploaded. First one neeeded a good tweaking!

2013/1/26 0:31:05
Noah and the Empty Ark My latest Muvizu animation

- Noah and the Empty Ark:

Hope you Enjoy, share and comment etc.

Cheers D
2013/1/21 23:15:10
Random requests! Whoa! An incredibly specific request there zig! Can't say that on has ever even crossed my mind!
I'm with you on the tit mangling laughter though! ( Had a great laugh at that post btw!)
2013/1/21 16:56:47
Moovizu facial animation tutorial. Sean Connery Scottish!?

Haven't you seen Highlander? He's Spanish/Egyptian! Bit Wonky..
2013/1/21 10:57:36
Moovizu facial animation tutorial. I have refrained from using my normal Scottish voice on this tutorial for a wee change!
2013/1/21 10:16:16
Top 3 improvements A top 3?...Only three?


Ok, well I would have

1. Facial animation -

Q. When you are watching anything on tv or film which has characters in where are you looking?
A. The faces that's where! You could remove or blank out everything else on screen leaving only the faces and you would still know what was going on 99% of the time just by watching the expressions and hoe they change with what is being said. As I've said from the first day I installed Muvizu "If this program had a facial animation system where the user could prepare expressions for directing along the timeline like character actions (or the more hands on approach style puppetry shown when directing head movements) then I feel the quality of movies created and the popularity of them following would increase substantially.

Did you know all facial expressions can be created from only 6 base emotions?

2. Camera waypoints - I really don't think I have to explain this one!

3. A conversational section within character actions -

As most Movies created are based round conversations, it stands to reason that the amount of conversational character actions should reflect this. In other words- there needs to be a hell of a lot more of them ...and they need to be subtle!!
Casual hand and arm movements. That's all!
The general movements you see every day of your life from others.

Well those are my top 3 for today!
Your turn...
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2013/1/19 19:41:55
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? ziggy72 wrote:
Yup, being able to choose would be better (and my own choice too) but I'm thinking about what would probably be easier to implement for Muvizu HQ. And also simpler to understand for newbies. Gotta remember the newbies too

I think a list method with a random option whether actions are picked by the user or by default random would be embraced by both newbie and hardcore muvi guys alike over the whack a mole method any day.

It would be interesting to know exactly what annoys/frustrates the average newbie most though, and how much of that is exactly the same as what annoys the likes of you, me and the other Muvizu extremists..
2013/1/19 18:39:41
Random requests! The simplest ideas are often the best and this has to be one of the most blindingly obvious oversights.
Hide all!...brilliant!

another annoying time waster solved!
2013/1/19 16:47:05
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? ziggy72 wrote:
i agree

As an alternate, you could have an Action on the list (for each Mood) called Randomize, which would just randomly play actions from it's Mood list. It could also have a sub option to select Subtle or Strong (Idle and Pose wouldn't work so well, so it would be better to not include them as options).


I see what you're saying but I think I would prefer to choose which actions were going to be randomised. Nothing to prevent both being possible I suppose!
2013/1/19 10:31:25
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? Yes,if the lists were transferable from character to character this would solve another bucket load of problems such as creating background characters (extras) quickly.

...which brings me nicely on to the next suggestion for the character list system.

A randomise option!

Once we have created our list of chosen character actions, imagine if there were a randomise option which would play out the actions in a random order continuously until direction is stopped.
This feature would allow the user to easily and quickly create animated background characters ( which are in essense only scenery themselves!) without having to laboriously animate each one in turn action after action.

So what do you think of this folks?
edited by Dreeko on 19/01/2013
2013/1/18 15:29:24
Moo Marco_D wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Well actually next up is a Moovizu tutorial!

You got my attention

Moo-sic to my ears!
2013/1/18 13:50:44
Moovizu facial animation tutorial. New video from myself and it's a facial animation tutorial!

Hope you enjoy, comment, subscribe, share etc etc.
2013/1/18 13:43:00
Moo Well actually next up is a Moovizu tutorial!
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