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2012/12/19 8:57:05
New for 2013 urbanlamb wrote:
I have decided that yellow dude with the t-shirt is winnie the pooh or his cousin at least

there is a connection but it's a little more complicated..
2012/12/18 10:20:22
New for 2013 tripfreak wrote:
Your first picture reminded me of the new film "Intouchables" about the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, but now it seems to develop into a different story... ?

Much different, I can guarantee!
2012/12/17 15:19:13
New for 2013 Another screener...scared yet?

edited by Dreeko on 17/12/2012
2012/12/16 23:33:09
Muvizu Performance Instant thought is to break down the set into smaller sets based on what the camera will actually show the viewer, by opening up the huge set and deleting all but the necessary elements for your shot and repeating for the different camera angles.

You have probably thought of this yourself mind you...
2012/12/15 17:58:15
Animate Ball Rob85 wrote:
ah I see, I look around in Dreekos YT Channel then.

Feel free to look around, subscribe, share, blah de blah de blah!

2012/12/14 12:10:11
New for 2013 urbanlamb wrote:
.. either way your two characters are freaking me out.. (hopefully that was intended ^^)


Oh yes! It's gonna be a strange one!
2012/12/13 16:22:14
New for 2013 Glad you like em!

I'm looking forward to putting it all together
2012/12/13 12:35:02
New for 2013
2012/12/12 12:35:47
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Nice one Dave!
2012/12/8 19:39:38
Coming Soon... WozToons wrote:
Thanks Dreeko, no need for tutorial I know about AVI transparency video program files config false etc etc..

Well here it is anyway for those who don't, hope it's of some help!

edited by Dreeko on 08/12/2012
2012/12/8 9:45:02
Coming Soon... WozToons wrote:
I have tried adding animated GIFs to a backdrop but they don't animate. Is there some secret or do you have to turn them into transparent AVIs first?

Animated gifs don't work within Muvizu I'm afraid. Transparent Avis are not instantly workable either. You have to follow a specific tutorial to do so. I don't have the link available for it at the moment as I'm posting this from my phone. Hopefully someone will jump in and provide it before I'm home to do so.
2012/12/7 15:44:56
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? Mogul mogul mogul!!
2012/12/7 12:09:21
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? 150 videos!
That's some achievement!
Make chuckles a mogul for Christmas!
The campaign starts here!

2012/12/5 19:44:09
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) Good to hear you are all operational again!
2012/12/4 20:43:15
Dancing Duck interactive fullmetall wrote:
good job, but a lots of stupids advertising are coming into the window of vision.....

If you click on them they will go
2012/12/4 19:51:27
Dancing Duck interactive MrDrWho13 wrote:
You're really enjoying these annotations aren't you!

Hopefully I'm not the only one!
2012/12/4 19:50:52
The Character "Coleen" by zubox tv is not Muvizu? I don't think you can Chuck!

I believe the Zubox characters were custom made for them.


Sorry, I just had to get that out....Wave
2012/12/4 19:08:52
Dancing Duck interactive The dancing duck is back! Wiggle

This time you can choose from three styles of dance just by clicking on the numbers!

Hope you enjoy

Annotations need to be turned on if you are watching from the Muvizu gallery page btw!

2012/12/4 19:05:14
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar tripfreak wrote:
Interesting link today ! Cool

Does that mean we can expect this technology in the near future in Muvizu ?

I doubt it.

I did think that they were leaving themselves wide open to exactly this question mind you! lol!
2012/12/4 11:03:20
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar yay!
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