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2012/12/4 9:43:14
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Where's no.4?
2012/12/3 12:45:36
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar KerryK wrote:
Glad to hear all the positive feedback! Hope you guys are as clever as you look

Good luck everyone! The prizes are definitely worth it

It's looking great folks! ...who said youtube annotations were a bad thing! har har!
2012/11/28 8:48:42
The Clones The Clones episode no3

This time the clones do Their James Bond thing, which means you get to hear my terrible Daniel Craig impression. Hope you enjoy, comment and share...Thanks

2012/11/26 16:59:48
The Clones Hoi!
2012/11/26 16:45:09
The Clones episode 2

2012/11/23 20:08:47
My thinkings ziggy72 wrote:
Subtlety. A little hand movement, a little laugh... We've got more than enough cartoony movements, and Dreeko's point is an extremely good one, as usual, and it all boils down to being able to do small stuff, not grand gestures. Well, according by my thinkings anyroadup

Absolutely zig! I was going to post the exact same as a follow up post!

Small movements. In fact a section devoted to conversational actions, broken down in the usual way eg pose, subtle, strong would be ideal. Conversational actions that come to mind are - emphatic, apologetic, timid, brash, whispering, defensive, dismissive, incredulous, condescending...
But as zig says, a greater variety of smaller actions should be top of the list.

2012/11/22 22:55:19
The Clones A hit and run joke!
2012/11/22 22:28:26
My thinkings There are always going to be a huge amount of individual requests for different items and features which suit our own specific needs for the movies we are working on but what are the "must haves" for all?

What features or changes to muvizu would benefit the majority?

When I look at most muvizu films, the thing that strikes me is that practically all are dialogue/conversationally based.

So with that in mind, the things that I feel would enhance or improve the majority of movies are ..

1. A much greater variety of simple conversational gestures.
The repetition of the same character conversational actions from movie to movie is becoming predictable due to the limited choice for conversational hand movements.

2. Some form of facial animation system (even a simple direct-able eyebrow attachment)
A lot can be conveyed with eyes and head movements (despite not having the ability to tilt the head) but a simple raised eyebrow can add so much more.

Can giving us the ability to raise and lower a couple of curved lines on a characters face be such a technical mountain to climb?

Every few months I posts these videos in the hope that something similar will appear within Muvizu.


One day my friends, one day....

2012/11/21 13:18:24
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) EEFilmz wrote:
Dreeko, The Scale feature was available before (from the last update), I only know because I did it to the eyes attachment...If my memory serves me correctly? although I never noticed that it was never NOT there lol.

Dreeko wrote:
Hasn't anyone noticed the scale feature which has now been added to all the character attachments yet?
edited by EEFilmz on 21/11/2012

I think the difference is now that the scale can be adjusted in all three plane ie x,y,z instead of just a uniform scale.
2012/11/20 16:29:48
The Clones Hi folks!

New series from myself......The Clones

Episode 1 - Clone Convention

Hope you enjoy, comment, share etc.. Ta!

2012/11/20 11:17:29
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! rgrove wrote:
Excellent article.

Thanks Ricky!
2012/11/20 11:16:16
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) EEFilmz wrote:
Muvizu Staff...Love you guys n girls for all the wonderful things you do! and Dreeko!..I've never loved a man this way before LMAO!

Eek! Whaaaaa?
2012/11/20 11:13:29
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Hasn't anyone noticed the scale feature which has now been added to all the character attachments yet?

What a great addition! more customisation options for the characters! brilliant!

Two suggestions though,.. Allow us to space the eyes out and distort the head shapes as well!

(I had to follow praise with a request..It's the rules!)

Thanks again!

edited by Dreeko on 20/11/2012
2012/11/17 23:58:41
YouTube annotations urbanlamb wrote:
lol I think the point of them being on by default is for those that dont even know they exist. Once the setting is saved it stays that way until your cookies get deleted. Anyhow i dont care really but as you can see a great many people dont even know they exist and so can't make that choice hence the confusion over dreeko's subscription duck which was made to take advantage of that feature when its turned on

Thank you that's the point I'm trying to make.
2012/11/17 22:28:36
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! Thanks everyone!
2012/11/17 20:30:16
YouTube annotations ziggy72 wrote:
Movies don't have annotations. Sound, visuals, that's it. No distractions. Annotations off, please.

Oh noo noo noo!
What about interactive movies?
Annotations on! You can always turn them off if they annoy but if you create an interactive movie and they are off from the start then the viewer won't know what's going on.
2012/11/16 17:22:08
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! Yes it's true!

I'm now on 3D World online!

Here's the feature!

edited by Dreeko on 16/11/2012
2012/11/15 17:26:21
YouTube annotations ..but if they are on by default in the forum pages isn't the "evil link" problem already there? Turning them on in the gallery pages will just allow interactive features to be available. If some evil do-er puts a dodgy link in then surely you would just delete the video from Muvizu altogether?
2012/11/15 16:22:02
YouTube annotations thanks Lev. would be nice if the gallery annotations could be turned on by default also!
2012/11/15 14:39:53
YouTube annotations IanS wrote:
Dreeko, I can see the hotspot on the duck both in the forum above and in the gallery. There's a speech-bubble type button at the bottom of the player to turn it on and off. It's maybe turned off by default though here, I'd need to check

Ah! thanks! that seems to be the problem!
It is off by default!

Can that be changes at some point?
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