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2012/11/15 11:28:11
YouTube annotations Ah! I've just noticed that annotations don't work on the Muvizu page! why is this and can it be corrected to do so?
2012/11/15 10:24:19
The Grudge Very atmospheric and great direction. Well done!
2012/11/15 8:29:09
YouTube annotations InsaneHamster wrote:
I done scratched a bald spot on my head wondering what was going on hehehe.

I think most of my videos have that effect on people!
2012/11/14 19:45:48
YouTube annotations Hello Folks!

If you have seen my latest video " The Subscription Duck" then you may be thinking " What the hell was all that about?"
Well, I was trying out the YouTube annotations feature which allows the user to create hotspots on videos which can be linked to websites, videos or in this case the subscription page for my YouTube channel.
This feature can be utilised to create some pretty cool interactive videos and is fairly easy to do!
If you would like a little "how to" tutorial video flung together explaining the process then let me know.

Here's my latest offering showing what I'm talking about, hope you enjoy and subscribe


2012/11/2 10:18:41
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! A deserved win!
Well done Artpen!
2012/11/1 18:02:37
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! WozToons wrote:
Would everybody please refrain from posting here until the result is announced.
The notifications get me all a flutter until I check and find that there has still been no decision.

2012/11/1 15:23:50
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! I'm excited and I didn't even enter!
2012/11/1 10:45:56
1st Muvi! - 'Tell Me A Joke' Excellent!
Reminded me of one my little girl and I made last May.

2012/10/29 11:15:55
61.5 Free the worms!

Yes the scale was as default for the character and variations for sad walk etc are aspects to consider too, but it's a starting point!

The way round all the jiggery pokery would be to have camera tracking/targeting as a feature obviously but alas we don't have it yet so till then...
2012/10/28 20:11:54
61.5 61.5

What is this magical number I hear you ask?

...Well if you wish a camera to move along side a walking character then this is the speed setting required for the camera movement to match the characters pace.

Running speed to follow..
2012/10/27 17:02:06
Muvizu on Windows 8 Valero wrote:
YES!! Muvizu works seamlessly with windows 8.
BTW, Win 8, is so pleasant to use compared to prior windows that I installed it within 1 hr of its release. You have both capabilities: Your fully functional win 7 like interface to use only with a mouse or you can click on an alternate interface for Win 8 that works both touch screen and mouse too. Your old Win 7 interface do not change at all, it's like adding better performance and touch screen.

Hmmn very interested to hear how you get on using Muvizu by touch screen! I imagine that the "whack a mole" style character direction system would benefit greatly from a touchscreen input method!!
edited by Dreeko on 27/10/2012
2012/10/26 11:02:40
Click anywhere on time line? I think Dylly was expecting the timeline cursor to move when he clicked on the other timelines as well as the master one.

It would be nice if it did, I feel...

2012/10/24 10:25:00
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! Well done everyone! Applause
2012/10/23 20:46:46
Help With Sony Vegas As mentioned in the previous posts, xvid is horrible to edit with as the dreaded pixelmatosis happens. When rendering from muvizu I choose the ffdshow codec and select motion jpeg (mjpeg).

I only use xvid when rendering out the FINAL edit from sony vegas as the file size is nice and small for youtube..

2012/10/21 14:33:17
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! Here's one!

I call it -

Teddy says it's time...

2012/10/20 22:48:15
Difficult to align objects Great tool! I missed this one first time round.
2012/10/20 19:08:06
Difficult to align objects ziggy72 wrote:
Try turning on 'Snapping' from the Tools menu - this locks everything to a fixed system, so that they all line up when rotated.

Snapping can be handy but it's so clunky that it just annoys the life out of me!
2012/10/20 14:42:42
Difficult to align objects guarib wrote:
I have very difficult to align objects, specially when building sets. I can't make a straight line of walls, something always are out of the line. What is the secret for a symmetric set? Can we have a tutorial about that?

This may help
2012/10/18 21:19:40
Guns and Performance It does seem odd that after all this time the basics of general everyday actions (eg. eating, drinking, using a phone, writing etc) have not been coupled with the simplest of accessories. As has already been pointed out the tech is there! We have head attachments, waist, back, and wrist attachments so why cant we have the obvious ones (knifes, forks,phones etc) just slightly lower that the wrists an placed in the hands?

Well I imagine the answer is this - The powers that be want us to have the best animations to complement the hand held objects and that means finding a way to make the existing animations work with the hand poses required for all the different objects we stamp our feet for.

If we selected a mobile phone for a character and then direct as normal with the existing animations we would find the characters waving their arms around and extending their fingers as they normally do, which would just look weird.

I would like to see the objects appear in the characters hands as much as anyone but I want to see it achieved properly.

I feel that the object holding feature should come with a system which allows us to use the animations that we have available (conversational, laughing etc) but has poses that can be maintained for the relevant objects throughout.
The obvious example is a character talking on the phone and walking around moving his head and arms as he explains things to whoever is on the other end.
Limb targeting would be nice too incidentally!
Imagine someone pointing at an object as it moves from one side of the set to another and the pointing arm following it around.
Yeh limb/head targeting would be cool... but that leads on to camera targeting I suppose

...I'm stopping here before I lapse into one of my old feature requesting fits!

2012/10/18 17:01:30
How to make a char fly and move at a same time Ha ha! Nice tutorial Don Dollar!
Love the patter ya maniac!

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