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2012/10/17 7:43:24
Superhero Adventures Episode 2 mysto wrote:
Nice job there Ziggy! It looks like you may have slipped something under the cape (an invisible ground plane maybe) and moved it about slightly as the "flying" animation was going. Probably not how you did it but a fair guess I think.

Looking forward to seeing how you really did this! Toast

Yeh Mysto, I have played around with this and a ground plane or a small box shuffling around underneath the cape was how I achieved the effect. Interested to see if Zig has a different method. ...
2012/10/16 10:05:31
How to make a char fly and move at a same time You will have to animate the camera movement in a green screen set to give the illusion that the flying character is moving then key out the green in an editing package such as sony vegas and overlay the footage on top of the background video you wish to use.

Different modes of character movement would be great (flying, driving etc) and the ability to have some of the larger objects as accessories (cars, planes, helicopters etc) would allow the little guys to travel in the appropriate vehicle.

How about it?

2012/10/13 20:44:13
Non Selectable Muvizu Objects Yeh, this is a bit annoying. Also some sets that contained imported objects (created a good while ago) when opened now display the objects in white with no textures and no way of changing them.
Its always good practice (I have found after much heartache!)to open older sets with every new version of Muvizu as they come along so the good people at Muvizu HQ catch the problems sooner rather than later.

Another thing to remember if you are a Muvizu tester is never to create a set that you value highly and save it using a developer build as the final muvizu download version released soon after may not contain all the assets or features used in your set and therefore will not work.

Anyhoo I need to go now and throw things at the xfactor
2012/10/12 13:43:34
Hope this helps
2012/10/9 12:33:15
Guns and Performance I wouldn't leave guns lying on top of the tables at work. Sellotaped underneath perhaps, but on top...no.

2012/9/30 12:50:01
Track lighting? Ears on Batman? urbanlamb wrote:
you can have a spotlight follow a character by using the Prepare click on the light and then click object movement then you move it like the other objects.

the ears are an upside down pair of glasses or other object that he can wear on his head I think. YOu can rotate any of the worn objects on their head (even hair hehe) and move it around and turn it upside down if you wish

Correct on both counts!
2012/9/27 10:07:14
How Much (%wise) Audio Pitch Alteration is good... I don't have any experience with Videopad but if you are asking about how much change in pitch is acceptable for audio then I would say it's purely a matter of taste.
It depends on what effect you are trying to achieve. If it doesn't sound right to yourself then you'll know you have to try again.

2012/9/25 11:25:09
Batman : The Dark Knight Awakes Glad you liked it..and yes, there are no spoilers to worry about. I wouldn't think of doing that!..

I'm watching the Shawshank redemption just now. I think it's the film where the guy digs an escape tunnel behind a poster in his cell... OOPS!! Ton of Bricks
2012/9/25 7:30:28
Batman : The Dark Knight Awakes New Video!

Batman : The Dark Knight Awakes

All comments welcome!
Hope you enjoy!

2012/9/24 13:02:13
Super heros wont turn So glad to see the back of this particular Muvizu problem!
2012/9/24 9:32:37
Coming Soon... little teaser...

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2012/9/18 11:46:26
Eyes wide shut Yes, the pack looks for the last installation in my case the 32bit one and targeted that one bypassing the older ones. There wasn't an option to change the path so I have since downloaded the 64bit version and installed that making it the most recently installed muvizu on my machine and then reinstalled the heroes pack. Which then saw the 64bit as the most recent.
Opened up the troublesome 64bit non eye friendly version and all now seems well


Job done!

Well done all who helped figure this one out (especially Jamie!)

thanks again!
edited by Dreeko on 18/09/2012
2012/9/18 10:37:17
Eyes wide shut I tried the download but I think it has just installed over the most recently installed version which was the 32 bit one. I imagine I need to re-install the 64 bit one for the heroes pack to find it successfully, yes?
2012/9/18 10:22:25
Eyes wide shut Well done Jamie!
2012/9/18 9:40:51
Eyes wide shut Last night I installed the 32 bit version and all is now fine with the eyes.

2012/9/17 15:44:07
Eyes wide shut Jamie wrote:

1. Do other 'morph' sliders work? This is the ear shape, jaw shape sliders you'll find under edit character > face

2. Does eye size work for the other characters? Note that some of their eyes don't have lids so clearly those won't work but the majority do have lids and should work.

Both work

Jamie wrote:
3. Have you had a set loaded previously and then created a new empty scene to get this to happen?

It happens with both sets old and new

Jamie wrote:
Additionally, what graphics cards do you have?

Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 445M
2012/9/17 11:11:54
Eyes wide shut Yip defintootly the same version.

I think I'll try reinstalling Muvizu again and see what happens!
2012/9/17 11:01:43
Eyes wide shut Proof!

2012/9/17 10:53:09
Eyes wide shut Oh that's very odd then!
I have tried with existing sets and new ones. and i can confirm that this is happening everytime.
2012/9/17 10:25:19
Eyes wide shut Hello

Problem time!

The eyes on Beefy, Sinister and the Heroine will not close with the slider nor can it be animated.

Needs some coding eye drops methinks!

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