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2012/9/16 15:51:28
Closed topics topic! Sigh!..
Ok, thanks for the reply Jamie.

Most of my annoyance came from the length of time it took me to locate it and then smack! brick wall!

I'll just do as you suggested and create new ones with links to the old.

The reason there are no more "On the News" episodes on the horizon is that none of my sets will open now....

Thanks again
2012/9/16 15:02:29
Closed topics topic! I just waded through the forum to locate a thread that I created a while back (the "On the News" one) so I could post an update about why there hadn't been a follow up for long and weary. I found the thread but is has been closed, as have the majority of all my other video threads!
This is very annoying as there are some videos that I like to revisit from time to time with a view to creating a follow up and posting the new creation in the relevant thread, but you lot have nailed them all shut!

Explain yourselves!

Not happy
2012/9/13 23:38:42
The IDea Thanks Mutley!

Coming up for 9000 views now!
2012/9/12 22:22:07
anti-aliasing I just did a little test render and all is fine here. Codec in use is motion jpeg in ffdshow
2012/9/6 15:30:38
Charakter in a car Rob85 wrote:
Thank you Dreeko, your Video helped me much.

Good to hear!
2012/9/6 10:02:05
Charakter in a car Rob85 wrote:

how can a character use a car? I want that the character can drive the car, but how can I do that?


Here's a video explaining some of the things involved with placing a character inside an vehicle.
The part you are looking for begins at about 7 mins on the timeline.

Hope it helps!

2012/9/4 14:15:44
The IDea Dylly wrote:
You never know he may go viral...I told him to get that rash checked out by his GP!Whaaaaa?

If I do go viral. I'll do my best to spread it around ( cough!, splutter!)

Nearly 7000 views now btw!
2012/9/3 17:55:03
The IDea Featured here now!
2012/9/3 16:15:01
The IDea Roger! Will do...
2012/9/3 15:32:37
The IDea KerryK wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
The iDea has now taken over 4000 views in a week!
Thanks folks!

It's at nearly 5k views! Everyone! Share it! Tweet it! Go nuts! It'll be great to see this go up

Oof! 5361 now!!
2012/9/3 7:24:29
The IDea The iDea has now taken over 4000 views in a week!
Thanks folks!
2012/8/28 16:24:37
Super 10 (seconds) Well done Zig!
2012/8/28 14:29:27
The IDea That's a cracker Emily!
2012/8/27 14:24:16
The IDea Emily wrote:
Great video Dreeko!

What kind of phone is it you use again?!

A black one.
2012/8/27 13:08:03
The IDea freakmoomin wrote:
amazing video! loved it!
lets hope it goes viral because its way better than the xtranormal iphone one which got like 5 trillion views!

That would be awfy nice!
Go for it! Retweet etc to your hearts content!!
edited by Dreeko on 27/08/2012
2012/8/27 10:29:26
The IDea Thanks folks!
It's had a great response so far!

2012/8/26 17:52:02
The IDea fullmetall wrote:
Applause great, its your voice ? because its clear and i can understand, it is not this condition for all vidéos

Yes, it's my voice. Im glad you could understand. Not a Scottish accent in earshot ( hopefully!)
2012/8/26 16:49:03
The IDea New Video

- The iDea -

Hope you enjoy!
All comments welcome!
2012/8/23 18:28:11
Soundation http://soundation.com/

Online music creation.

Seems pretty good!

2012/8/23 13:52:14
Dreeko's Tutorials Jamie wrote:
Really nice work here Dreeko! Clearly and simply explained. Hope to see more, how about underwater light effects?

Thanks Jamie!
Underwater huh? What made you think of that one? I'm sure I could give it a bash.

...btw, has someone chained you to the forum today in some Saw style trap?
That's some amount of posts today matey!
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