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2012/5/3 9:14:22
Dreeko's Tutorials And here it is!

Hope it's of help to some one

2012/5/2 19:57:46
Dreeko's Tutorials ziggy72 wrote:
Ooh, that's proper dark that is! Very nice, especially the projected text on the car, very effective.

Thanks Zig!

The projected text gets a mention in the tutorial too!
2012/5/2 16:03:07
Dreeko's Tutorials New vid - A Rain of Crime (tutorial teaser)

2012/5/2 7:08:25
Dreeko's Tutorials Dylly wrote:
Dreeko...I'm sorry! My Bad! I will refrain from asking for tuts, especially ones involving dismantling the pc and trips to Ikea!Pat on the head

No, no! Keep the requests coming folks. I enjoy making them despite the problems encountered
2012/5/1 22:29:20
Dreeko's Tutorials My main advise is ..If your codecs work and you are happy with them then leave them alone!

I'm only able to render successfully 50% of the time now.
2012/5/1 20:20:59
Dreeko's Tutorials Dylly wrote:
A request for a tutorial...could you broach the subject of codecs...which ones, where are they found, how to install and set them up please?

Right!.... Today I decided to try and make a codec tutorial for the community, so I thought I would start from downloading the appropriate codecs and installing in a step by step basis and then moving on to preferences settings in the software that I use. Now this meant I had to remove the codecs from my system.

This was at 09:30 this morning
It is now 20:09 and my system is only now beginning to behave like it did before...

..I have been un-installing re-installing, tweaking, downloading removal tools and codec packs, performing system restores, rendering videos, re-rendering videos, tearing hair out, shouting, kicking furniture, buying more furniture to kick, kicking that and weeping in the foetal position.

I hate codecs....

...and , as you may have guessed..there is no tutorial.

The next tutorial will be on projections and lighting

..This is of course if I can ever manage to successfully export a movie from Muvizu again.

I hate codecs
2012/4/28 16:18:22
Random requests! You know when people make quotation marks in the air with their fingers during conversation. Well I'd like that as an animation please for both seated and standing...Thank you!

2012/4/28 16:03:18
More musical instruments? simonheffer wrote:
harmonica/mouth organ with a few different actions

Yes!, I would also like to see a mouthorgan animation for western/jail scenarios
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2012/4/28 16:01:42
Backdrop animation simonheffer wrote:
The ability to change the speed , plus maybe a stop button.

You can already animate the scrolling speed of backdrop right down to a full stop if you wish to.
2012/4/28 12:22:08
? Did you hear that?
Did some one say something?....


Videos can take a while to appear over on the Muvizu side of things apparently. Its happened to myself and others as well. Also, They have to be physically ok'd by a human ( yes a living breathing human!) If your video contains really REALLY inappropriate material then the human wouldn't give it the stamp of approval.


It's the weekend now so all the little Muvizu monkeys will have flown back to their mystery abodes until monday therefore all movies uploaded will now appear on the site until Monday at the earliest.

2012/4/28 8:48:49
Sketchup to Muvizu The plugin magpie strikes again!

Well done mr D

You can have your cake but can you eat it?
2012/4/25 12:55:15
Random answers to random questions Marco_D wrote:
Ciao pantanik,

La versione in uso non è ancora disponibile al pubblico. Questa versione è disponibile solo per i beta tester.

Presto tutti possono user questa versione.

Cordiali saluti,

Thanks for replying to this one Marco. I didn't want to rely on using google translate here incase it came out as double click potato trampoline sex... Or something similar!:0
2012/4/25 10:37:03
Bad Medicine Here's another vid...
Bad Medicine

Hope you enjoy
All comments welcome!
2012/4/23 20:12:44
Dreeko's Tutorials Dylly wrote:
A request for a tutorial...could you broach the subject of codecs...which ones, where are they found, how to install and set them up please?

I'll see what I can do for you guvner. Getting the parts may be tricky. How does Wednesday suit you?
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2012/4/23 20:08:36
New Glasses Could we have the font size increased on this thread. I can't read a bloody thing!
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2012/4/22 15:50:05
Dreeko's Tutorials Hello Muviland!

All my tutorials are now in one playlist

All new ones will be added too.

Hope they help some.

2012/4/21 15:43:19
Remove watermark, and put a clip at the end. I think you will probably be stuck with the logo anyhoo.
Or as we say in Scotland
"you're ontae plums!"

2012/4/21 15:00:16
Remove watermark, and put a clip at the end. lucargir wrote:

Yes, I know it. But if I put the clip at the end or at the start, it's the same, because the people see the Clip!!!

Only if they watch it till the end!

Many people start watching clips and decide to move on before that.
With the Muvizu logo there throughout their branding is visible at all times.

It's a very small price to pay for such a great piece of software which is free remember!

Wear it with pride!
edited by Dreeko on 21/04/2012
2012/4/19 13:56:19
Random answers to random questions In the meantime here's another tutorial

This time I'm explaining how I create some of the titles for "On the News"

Hope it helps someone

2012/4/19 11:45:44
Stop video looping. WozToons wrote:
Thanks Dreeko, I value your advice. Only one character so that's not too hard, after that we move on to him driving through a city being destroyed with rubble collapsing all around so the helicopter bit's probably the easiest .

Glad to be of assistance .
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