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2012/1/11 12:50:17
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Amazing how everyone uses Muvizu differently!. I never touch the spacebar at all!
2012/1/11 10:20:41
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Sounds like there are a few niggles and glitches here and there but what about the good stuff?

I for one am overjoyed that we now have multi audio tracks to play with (what a difference that will make!)
and the character effects! didn't see that one coming!

Yes, there are obviously plenty of great things still to be included in our box of tricks but look at what we have already and cast your minds back to over a year ago to a time when Muvizu had still to find the ability to animate objects and cameras!

Still my favourite toy by far

keep up the good work folks and ...by the way... Where's my bloody dragon?

2012/1/11 9:51:23
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). 65Radius wrote:
After uploading the update, I brought up a set from a current project. When I tried to save it, I couldn't, and received this message:
"It is with some regret that I must inform you of an unexpected error: Not enough info on the database"

I experienced this one too. the strange thing is it was with a very simple set which included only one character, a couple of rain effects and two lights. One of them was a directional and the other just the normal light bulb

2012/1/10 10:27:42
Sketchup to Muvizu well done Dylly!

Can't wait to see them in action!
2012/1/9 14:48:40
Website feedback Looking good folks!
2012/1/6 10:55:31
Sketchup to Muvizu The Dreeko and Dragon!

I'm honoured!

Looks great can't wait to download itApplause

2012/1/4 14:53:24
Competition thrashout Hello folks,

Within the latest news item http://www.muvizu.com/News/112/And-were-back there was a suggestion that someone may like to create a thread to thrash out ideas for a new comp, so here it is!

I'll kick off with - Trailer comp!

Create a trailer for a fictional series, movie, documentary etc. of your own creation with a limit of 60 seconds maximum length. The trailer should be original in content and not just a splicing together of previously created Muvizu movies by your good self's

any thoughts on this idea? or any others?

2012/1/1 13:27:19
Happy New Year! Happy new year to all!
I had a great 2011 so 2012 has a lot to live up to!
Wishing you all good fortune for the year ahead!

Oh by the way dylly,...rolling up the trouser leg is only the beginning!! :0

2012/1/1 13:23:17
Has he been yet ? Congrats to all prize winners, well deserved I'd say!
Looking forward to the Muvizu movies that will be created in 2012!

Wonder what the next comp will be?...
Any suggestions folks?
How about a create a trailer comp?

2011/12/29 10:31:20
Sketchup to Muvizu Looks great!
Your dedication to the job is certainly paying off!
2011/12/22 21:43:16
Has he been yet ? If you wait then it will come....
2011/12/22 21:01:42
Has he been yet ? dwino wrote:
Would be nice if they said something regarding a missed target date. I get it, it happens...but it would be nice to hear a calm voice reminding us to be patient.

There there, be patient little children and all will be well...

...How was that?

2011/12/22 12:17:54
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly wrote:

One of the ideas behind the cottage is that the Muvizu Community can cannibalise individual bits of the structure, woodwork, chimneys, doors, windows etc.. to adapt to the basic Muvizu blocks,

I really like this idea of objects which can be taken as a whole or in section for use with other objects. You could be on to something really helpful with that one!

outstanding work Dylly!

2011/12/19 21:25:30
Sketchup to Muvizu Looks amazing !!
2011/12/17 10:45:40
Cool Animations Another Tim Minchin reimagined in animation

Hope you enjoy!
2011/12/15 17:42:53
New character? mysto wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
How about a morphing slider which would blend from young to old giving a greater variety of characters from baby to pensioner
I'm sure the devs could have that ready for Monday

We should at least give them until Tuesday! Toast

Oh ok then
But only till lunchtime!
2011/12/15 13:28:32
New character? How about a morphing slider which would blend from young to old giving a greater variety of characters from baby to pensioner
I'm sure the devs could have that ready for Monday
2011/12/13 10:01:26
Some Suggestions... couple of vids that may help


2011/12/9 11:57:14
Create your own songs/soundtrack toonarama wrote:
Glad you like it Dreeko

but please don't tell me you came up with that yourself - surely you can't do music too!

I've never tried music really, I'm more into making pretty pictures. All I did was hum a tune into Ujam then convert it to an instrument, play about with the note positioning and length, then use a background style and footer about with the settings and speed.

It really was a doddle and I thank you again for the link. But again no, I'm not musical as far as im aware.

2011/12/9 11:25:32
Create your own songs/soundtrack Fantastic link Toonarama!
Had a little play with it for a few mins and came up with this.

Ujam could be very useful for Muvizu soundtracks!

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