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2011/7/29 13:32:47
QUEEN COMPETITION MAKE A VIDEO Surely this is a comp for Mysto!
2011/7/28 19:06:34
Here's a new one Just to add to the problem..
I can't save characters as favourites once they gave bee retextured.
2011/7/27 19:02:19
Instead of waypoints... Waypoints (as I see them)would be a physical position marker visible on the set just as a walk path is visible when you move a character who's movement has been animated.

Keyframes are markers visible only on the timeline which denote where in time the waypoints appear/move

That's how I see things anyway


2011/7/27 8:58:47
Instead of waypoints... toonarama wrote:
I agree that it would be best if the non-commercial version of Muvizu remains free (who wouldn't!) but I still see some sense in having a couple of versions
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No no no!
I didn't mean that there should be a couple of versions. I was suggesting that there should be one version with all the desired features that could be accessed by advanced users when required.
Put simply,imagine the menus as they stand just now "direct character movemnt, camera movement" etc and add "direct character movement advanced"

Advanced features that are there if you want them but the casual user would come to the simple choices first.
2011/7/26 19:22:34
Instead of waypoints... Danimal wrote:
i agree

Jumping, stomping, screaming agreement with this. Camera starts here, ends here, movement occurs. Oh how I would love that. In fact, every time I do even the slightest camera movement only to have to go horribly awry I curse about the lack of a basic keyframe system.

Totally agree and sympathise, but could an eight year old get their head round such a system?
Muvizu is built with simplicity in mind so that anyone from eight to eighty can pick it up and create a movie in next to no time. The problem is that movies with outstanding quality will (in my opinion) not be made by eight year olds. They will be made by older animation enthusiasts who would love to have features like keyframe options for cameras etc.
So what's the answer? Does Muvizu evolve into a tool aimed at the older enthusiast or does it maintain it's simplicity for all approach and sacrifice more advanced features that would alienate the average Joe?

Can't we have both? A Muvizu that has a simple interface with limited menus etc but also has the option to change to a more involved UI with all the goodies that the more adventurous user would love?
Muvizu standard...."click"....Muvizu advanced


2011/7/26 17:26:57
v0.16b Feedback Here's a thing that's been puzzling me
( nothing to do with cameras incidentally) how come objects have such a problem intersecting (backdrops etc) but characters seem to have zero collision and can pass through anything that has the option "can be stood on" deselected
I can put characters in a vehicle but when I try and do the floating ground plane trick to raise them into position the plane cannot penetrate due to the collision properties of the vehicle object.
Is there no way that a future version of Muvizu could have the ability to select an object and turn off it's collision to the same degree as the characters seem to have?
2011/7/26 16:35:13
v0.16b Feedback I do sympathise with ziggy when it comes to the shadows being cast through objects.
I have a fire engine cab with ladders placed on top which cast a shadow of the ladders inside the cab through the roof!?

Still trying to get the little characters inside the bloody thing incidentally grrr!

2011/7/25 21:43:59
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
Colour coded cameras! They can be hard to see, grey as they are, among the other objects and it would be good to associate them by colour rather than just number alone.

Simple and utterly practical suggestion, A must have I feel!
2011/7/25 12:44:46
Imported object collision glasgowjim wrote:
Hi Dreeko,

It sounds like there is a problem with the .ASE model - try opening it up with a text editor and doing a search for UCX_ - delete every section that starts with UCX_ and then try adding in the small collision area back in.


Alas there are no other instances of UCX_ other than the two placed in the small collision area

I am at a total loss
2011/7/25 12:14:21
Imported object collision Thanks for helping but I've tried all of those things. The trusty old floating backdrop for elevating the characters was my first port of call but i couldn't move it to the required position due to the objects collision properties which led me to creating this thread
Sigh...search goes on!

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2011/7/25 10:59:32
Imported object collision Hello folks,

I've followed Jim's video and the same problem persists. I have collision with the whole object no matter what i do
2011/7/24 15:35:42
Imported object collision Ok folks
Who can tell me how to change an object which has come from sketchup and can be imported into Muvizu so that it has zero collision.
It's a fire engine and I'm trying to have characters sitting inside it, but it seems impenetrable to them.

Dear Jim can you fix it for me?

2011/7/23 20:21:37
Character Swap Thanks Neil
Another feature to look forward to (possibly!)

What I would like to see( and I mentioned this ages ago) is the attachments (hats, glasses )to be available as place-able objects to give the illusion of a character walking over to them and putting them on ( with some sneaky camera cuts!)
2011/7/23 13:10:07
Static Mode All I can suggest is taking a screenshot of the character and place it on a backdrop.
This obviously means that your camera will have to remain static and youl need to be careful with the shadows from it.

Good luck hope you get there!

2011/7/22 18:33:21
Colour picker/eyedropper Danimal wrote:
I can just see it: I'll finally get used to the quirky camera and character movement and--BAM--a whole new quirky interface to learn.laugh

As interfaces go, it's got to be one of the easiest to pick up you have to admit..

It's hardly Maya!
2011/7/22 14:30:20
Resource Could not be loaded from Package Will do Neil, thanks!
2011/7/22 14:29:15
Colour picker/eyedropper simonheffer wrote:
So is this in then (as the OP was in Feb)? 'cos I just thought about an eyedropper tool too!
Another suggested way of doing this (I know, too late!) would be a custom colour set.

The new UI has still to make an appearance, but when it does I'm sure it will bring some cool features with it. What they will be is still anyone's guess (apart from Neil!)
2011/7/22 13:25:59
Resource Could not be loaded from Package the second set of mine to suffer from this error opens up in the 32bit version but not the 64bit version incidentally..

2011/7/22 12:34:24
Resource Could not be loaded from Package Right, This is becoming a worry!

I opened up a set and saved it with muvizu v0.16b and now it won't open.

Same error.

I am glum
2011/7/22 11:47:03
Resource Could not be loaded from Package I have become another victim of the "couldn't load resources" syndrome

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