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2011/3/12 9:33:17
Random faces/heads ziggy72 wrote:
Good idea, and it made me think it would be useful to have a Favourites button for faces too, where you could save your preferred default faces (or just one you need to replicate for whatever reason).

Good shout zig!
2011/3/11 22:31:31
Random faces/heads Imagine I'm creating a movie with 6 characters all wearing the same uniform but i wish to change the face for each one. What i have to do at the moment is have one character exactly the way i want and duplicate him five times and then select each one and change every individual facial feature to suit, and then move on to the next guy etc, etc.

This is a bit laborious if you just want soldier 1 to have a differing face from soldiers 2 to 6. so can we have a randomize face/heads feature? in addition to the all encompassing random character button. Which is fun but how useful can a partially naked male character wearing elton john glasses, long black gloves with an axe sticking out his head, brandishing a large pair of lady bumps actually be?


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2011/3/10 10:33:17
Is it possible to add video or animated textures? barrys wrote:
..and shortly you'll be able to add you own videos and textures to the abstract blocks

Aha! Now that will be good! Add to that more flexibility to resizing, intersecting and a better way of moving the buggers around and a greater volume of user created objects may appear!

2011/3/10 10:21:31
Jim's last day Jim who?
2011/3/9 15:42:24
Jim's last day KerryK wrote:
IanS wrote:
in the words of The Highlander: There can be only 1 baldy!!! Wave

*cough cough* in our office??!?

That's not a wig Kerry, surely?!
2011/3/9 15:15:38
Jim's last day All the best Jim

Thanks for your massive contribution to Muvizu and on a personal note, cheers for your help steering me in the right direction with my chosen laptop!
Hope the new job works out as well for you as possible.


2011/3/9 10:01:52
going nowhere fast Dreeko wrote:
I was thinking about different possblle moving backgrounds that i could create and then it struck me "wait a sec!, as soon as my character starts walking he's going to walk straight off the set!" away from the moving background,

What good is that?

So could we please have the ability to lock a character in the one spot while he carries out the walking/running animation as if he was on a treadmill?

cheers in advance


Gentle bump!
Just remembered this request, hope you have too (nudge,nudge)


2011/3/8 19:22:33
Just saying hello Danimal wrote:
Anyway, thanks to the Muvizu team for this awesome software and the really great tutorials. And thanks as well to Dreeko for showing me the light, so to speak, by referring me to this site!
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Great to have another Muvizu believer joining the flock!
Remember there are still many to be saved from the world of 2d animation. Spread the joy of Muvizu and open their eyes to another dimension! (too much? ..sorry I've been taking some Charlie Sheen)


2011/3/8 14:00:31
Just saying hello claireq wrote:
Welcome Danimal! looking forward to more of your videos Big Grin
What can we say, sometimes Dreeko does actually make some sense!
Have fun!

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2011/3/7 14:10:34
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Emily wrote:
That's your set live on the site now.

I had a wee nosey - brilliant attention to detail!!

Yip a fantastic set Zig top marks!
2011/3/7 13:51:28
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Ok If it can be of use to someone then consider it uploaded!
Here it comes!


2011/3/7 12:24:56
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Anyone want the set from this one?
2011/3/6 12:18:16
Direct Character Actions Pages Neil wrote:
Dreeko wrote:

Always happy to listen, not guaranteed to like what I hear.

Good answer lol!
2011/3/6 11:32:20
Direct Character Actions Pages Neil wrote:

2011/3/6 9:16:58
Direct Character Actions Pages The arrangement of the actions in a 3x3 box is to correspond with the layout of the numberpad on a keyboard so that you can quickly select from the numbers 1 to 9 to apply animations etc and tabbing pages of 3x3 give you more options to do so
I think that is the standard answer to this


2011/3/5 20:23:17
Interface & Timeline ziggy72 wrote:
Not only that, we could use the sound of Neil's teeth grinding as the login sound for certain members of the forum

Can't be thinking of me
I never log out!
2011/3/5 17:05:27
Cool Animations Here's one

2011/3/5 10:17:58
Interface & Timeline Neil wrote:

good one Neil. That would be a great sound to be heard when Muvizu goes into "program not responding" mode
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2011/3/4 8:05:23
Interface & Timeline ziggy72 wrote:
Small thing - could you add the option to play a sound when done creating a movie? Ta.

How about a voice that shouts "that's a wrap!"
And another that shouts "action!" when recording lol!
2011/3/3 17:18:13
Wobbling Imports Or change the object properties to floats in the air.
That seems to stop it for me.
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