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2011/3/1 17:07:20
Uploaded sets and 3d assets glasgowjim wrote:
Dreeko - the art team are planning on releasing stuff in "packs" - the ones that have been put out at the moment are some medieval and Japanese themed objects, as well as some objects that Barry is going to use in his Jeraldo vids. I don't know if/when the new vehicles are getting released - but they will definitely be incorporated into the next release.

Take care,

Ah! Ok now we know. If you let us know what the up and coming asset packs are going to be then we coul have a bash at creating sets for them in advance yes?
2011/3/1 15:53:02
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Quoling wrote:
Too be honest it's not the best and it's a first attempt - so please be gentle! worship

I'm sure it will be great but the good thing is that all sets can be tweaked/changed to suit the individuals taste
Thanks again!
2011/3/1 15:40:14
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Good stuff Quoling!
Looking forward to seeing it!

Devs! are you going to drip feed us assets and sets or are they going to be posted as soon as they are created?

2011/3/1 11:08:44
Uploading sets glasgowjim wrote:
Hi Dreeko,

It's a bit difficult to go mad when you already are - there is a menu option for clearing Firefox's cache: You go to Tools > Clear Recent History > Change "Last Hour" to Everything > Clear Now.

If that doesn't work then it means the Mozilla group are conspiring against you!


Aha! that worked!!. The conspiracy is over. At last I can take my tinfoil hat off

PS: I'm not totally mad. It's only my opinions thoughts and actions which are considered dangerous to the publicBit Wonky..
2011/3/1 10:49:31
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Thought it might be handy to have a thread where folks can let others know about their uploaded sets and objects. So here it is!

On the subject of uploading

Where's the helicopter then?
2011/2/28 23:38:26
Uploading sets Dreeko wrote:
didnt work im afraid but i hit fn f5 and that did something
It put the options in a window in the centre of the screen like it appeared in internet explorer but the option choices remained the same as before in firefox ie no upload sets option
I've uploaded in internet explorer in the meantime

just to prove im not going mad (or madder!)
strange thing is it works on the wifes laptop which has the same version of firefox...weird
edited by Dreeko on 28/02/2011
edited by Dreeko on 28/02/2011
2011/2/28 14:38:48
Uploading sets Nope
didnt work im afraid but i hit fn f5 and that did something
It put the options in a window in the centre of the screen like it appeared in internet explorer but the option choices remained the same as before in firefox ie no upload sets option
I've uploaded in internet explorer in the meantime
2011/2/28 13:44:31
Uploading sets The option to upload a set has disappeared?

I can't re-upload my set cos of this...Violin

2011/2/25 14:00:14
free range features! Hello again
Yip another suggestion...free range features

What am i talking about? Well i've just watched Emily's new clip which included a sheep with moving eyes and i assume this was created using a green screen method, but if we had the ability to take facial features which were independent of a character and use them more like objects ie placing them where ever we wanted them, then users could easily import any object and position eyes, mouths, ears etc. onto them and have some more flexibility with creating some new characters like Emily's sheep and if the free range facial features (eyes and mouth) included the ability to be animated in the same way as they are just now (eye direction and lip-sync) then talking sheep, fish, toasters, angry oranges or whatever we wanted would be at our finger tips.
Granted they would be static without any bodily animations but it would still be cool to have and save a lot of faffing about with green screen .....Oh and it might cut down on the number of dragon requests too!


2011/2/24 12:37:05
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?.. How are things progressing in there at Muvizu HQ?
Still on track for the assets library thing at the end of this month?
2011/2/24 12:16:19
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! Neil wrote:
*points at Barry*

folded under questioning pretty swiftly there Neil! lol!

"it was him ...he's Spartacus!"

edited by Dreeko on 24/02/2011
2011/2/23 16:23:12
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! freakmoomin wrote:
Neil wrote:
freakmoomin wrote:
yeah this is annoying.....would be good to find a solution to this......

Not being cheeky but isn't it *ahem* your department?

if were going to get technical then.........no......my department is Animation

Will the real culprit of the vanishing tie syndrome please stand up!
2011/2/22 22:30:19
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Neil wrote:

I know, but my ears are sore after listening to all of yours and Dreeko's bug reports.

Stop making them then!
2011/2/22 20:58:54
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! Please can we have the collar and ties moved from being a neck attachment to being a chest one instead. The reason for this is obvious when you see a character animated which is wearing one. The tie disappears into the torso with the animated head movements.

Check out the tony character in the early telly room shots in the clip below to see what i'm gibbering on about

2011/2/22 20:46:02
Staundoone Episode ! jonbez wrote:
Well done on your latest episode Dreeko, Fun as hell m8.
Some really nice touches in there like the driving scenes and that. Made me laugh the scene on the Bog Big Grin

Cheers Jon

Always good to have feedback . The driving scenes were a bit tricky at times.Love to know how ukberty worked round it in his series

The more techniques we have to play with the better!

2011/2/21 17:22:36
Staundoone Episode ! glasgowjim wrote:
Nice one Dreeko - although you might be disappointed to hear that the DVLA has banned the licence plate BA11 BAG.


Good one jim!
2011/2/21 13:10:51
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Maplins
2011/2/21 12:58:57
Staundoone Episode ! Thanks for the positive feedback folks!

Neil wrote:
Excellent, loved it. Thumbs Up

Is episode #3 done yet? How about now? Now? How about now? Gavel

We'll need to see what the viewing figures and the ratings are like for e2 before we get a green light for e3!

We may see Bill Waters and Justin Lamot discussing it in "Staundoone Uncovered" e3 soon though!...

2011/2/21 12:46:08
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Neil wrote:

The tricky thing here is that eye size and eye direction are part of the same track.

But they are displayed on the timeline in their own respective tracks?

Neil wrote:
Recording on the eye size track will overwrite the pupil direction and vice versa.

But I have animated previously by performing three passes i.e. head, lids and pupils without overwriting occuring
Neil wrote:
We can change this behaviour in a future version if you want us to, but it'll mean recording eye width and pupil direction in separate passes. Let us know which you'd prefer.

Eh? ok ..but as I say I've already done this in the past without a hitch... what's happening here? has my version of muvizu been fitted with a flux capacitor? cos from what i'm gathering just now, I shouldn't be able to do three passes yet, but I have, trust me!

For the versions of Muvizu that dont have in built time travel, three separate passes for head, lids and pupils are as much a necessity as the separation of character actions and character movement from each other are in my opinion.



PS:Click below for Staundoone episode 2!

PPS: Can we have signatures in our posts please. It would be great for plugging our Muvies!
2011/2/20 20:01:42
Staundoone Episode ! Finally!!
Staundoone episode 2 : Bawbag

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